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Weekly Menu – preorder July 18, 2017



  • Email juliahellerman@gmail.com with subject header PREORDER + your name by Mondays at noon (NOTE CHANGE FOR THE WEEK OF JULY 24TH. DUE TO TRAVEL, PICK UP DAYS WILL BE THURSDAY JULY 27TH AND FRIDAY JULY 28TH. Order deadline is Tuesday July 26th at noon. Please note that this deadline also applies to changes in your order.
  • List what you would like to order, including size/quantity if there are options listed.
  • Include which pick up day and time you would like to pick your order up. Otherwise I’ll assume Wednesday.
  • Pick up your order, ask questions regarding reheating, how to serve, etc, and enjoy healthy and delicious food in the comfort of your home (or picnic, work, school, etc) whenever you like!
  • When you pick up your order, please confirm that everything is correct before you leave the store.


MENU FOR THIS WEEK – please note change in pick up days for this week!

  • THURSDAY July 27th 4pm-7pm
  • FRIDAY July 28th noon-3pm

Featured this week:

  • Black Bean Salad $7.50/pint
    • millet cakes $5/4-pk
  • Miso Vegetable Soup $12/quart 
  • Sprouted Mung Bean and Millet Burgers $16/4-pk

    • add balsamic drizzle $9/8-oz jar
    • add miso mustard $7.50/8-oz jar
    • add caramelized onions $5/8-oz jar
    • add sprouted sourdough buns $6/4-pk
  • Summer Veggie Wraps $32/4-pk $37.50
    • 4 red lentil wraps (grain free); aka dosa, included
    • quart summer veggie filling (will include tomatoes; not available without), included
    • 8-oz jar cashew cream cheese, included
  • Summer Fruit-filled 6-layer Torte with coconut whipped cream frosting $5.25/slice

Regular Staplesmix and match here or at home!

  • Lemon Ginger Veggie Bowls Steamed and roasted vegetables mixed with cooked sprouted mung beans and tossed in a tangy lemon ginger dressing Quart $16 plus jar deposit;
    • Add 4-pk crispy millet cakes add $5
  • Lemon Ginger Veggies (just the veggies; no mung beans) $18.50/quart
  • Hearty Salad red leaf lettuce, shredded cabbage and carrots, roasted beets, pickled red onions,and sprouted lemon tahini dressing. Request with or without sprouted (cooked) mung beans, $15/quart plus jar deposit
    • Want to save for another day or use the lettuce from your garden/CSA? You supply the lettuce, I supply the rest. $12/pint
  • Quiche batter (add your own veggies and bake on a sheet pan, cast iron skillet, or in smaller portions/skillets); full (12-slices) $25; 2 slice $7.00. The whole quiche bakes perfectly on a Norpro jelly roll pan, which you can purchase at Mcguckins. Half can be baked in a 9-inch cast iron skillet. Or, divide into 6 portions and cook 2 pieces at a time in a 4-inch cast iron skillet. The remaining batter can be frozen.
  • Whole quiche (12-48 pieces, depending on how you cut them) $60; half $35 Heat in a steamer and/or toaster or oven. When preordering quiche, please indicate any veggies you do not like in crust or filling.
  • Veggie Burger Patties 4-pk $16 Heat in a toaster or conventional oven for 10-15 minutes until crisp on the outside and heated all the way through.
    • add 4-pack buns $6
  • Red Lentil Veggie Pancake Batter (specify berbere or non-berbere; add your own veggies and griddle-cook). 8-oz $4; pint (16-oz) $7; quart (32-oz) $14
  • Veggie Pancakes; select berbere or original red lentil $12/12-pk full sized Reheat in steamer or toaster or conventional oven.
  • Mung dahl veggie pancakes 12-pk $15
  • Sprouted Sourdough Pizza Crusts 4-pk $10
  • Sprouted Sourdough Buns 4-pk $6
  • Naan Batter 12-oz jar $5
  • Naan $1 ea
  • Millet Cakes 4-pk $5
  • Lemon Ginger Sauce 8-oz jar $9.50
  • Sprouted Lemon Tahini Dressing 8-oz jar $7.50
  • Balsamic Drizzle 8-oz jar $9
  • Cashew Raita 8-oz jar $7.50
  • Fermented Cashew Cream Cheese 8-oz jar $11
  • Raw Kale Chips lacinato kale battered in a sprouted pumpkin seed-chia-veggie mixture and dried until crisp. $5/2-oz bag VERY LIMITED SUPPLY
  • caramelized onions $5/8-oz
  • roasted beets $5/8-oz jar
  • roasted carrots $5/8-oz jar
  • cooked sprouted beans $6/pint

Bakery/Raw Treats

  • Sprouted sourdough loaves batch of 5 $45 for chia or buckwheat flax, $50 for other flavors; single loaves $10/chia or buckwheat flax, $11 for all other flavors. Special request flavors may require a 2-loaf minimum.
    • chia flax (buckwheat and millet) $10/loaf
    • buckwheat flax buckwheat-only breads have a softer crust and are made without chia seed $10/loaf
    • caramelized onion and herb (buckwheat and millet/zero added coconut sugar) $11/loaf
    • Za’atar focaccia $7/focaccia (buckwheat and millet/zero added coconut sugar)
    • cinnamon raisin $11/loaf (buckwheat only)
    • fennel or fennel and onion $11/loaf (buckwheat only)
  • Sweet sprouted buckwheat or quinoa muffins 1/2 dozen $20
    *Certain specific flavor requests may require an additional charge
  • Savory millet muffins 6-pk $20
  • Mini veggie focaccia half dozen $22.50
    • with cashew cream cheese baked on top $25
    • Mini Minis $14/half dozen
  • Sprouted sourdough chia flax buns (6) $7.50
  • Sprouted sourdough chia flax pizza crusts 4-pack $10
  • Millet bread (quick bread; kind of like cornbread in that it can be savory of sweet) batch of 2 $18
  • 6-layer torte; cakes are sweetened with coconut sugar and dates; some flavors can be made with dates only for a less-sweet cake; all frostings are date-sweetened $35/1 basic cake flavor+1 filling/frosting; more complicated cake requests will be subject to additional charges.
    • vanilla cake (sprouted quinoa)
    • lemon cake (sprouted quinoa)
    • lemon poppy seed cake (sprouted quinoa)
    • carrot cake (sprouted buckwheat)
    • pumpkin cake (sprouted buckwheat) (seasonal)
    • gingerbread/spice cake (sprouted buckwheat)
    • Chinese five spiced cake (sprouted buckwheat)
    • coconut cake (sprouted quinoa)
    • banana cake w/or without walnuts (sprouted buckwheat)
    • chocolate sprouted buckwheat cake
    • chai-spiced sprouted buckwheat cake
      • vanilla frosting (cashew)
      • carob frosting (cashew)
      • chocolate frosting (cashew)
      • carob hazelnut frosting
      • coconut whipped cream
      • fermented cashew cream cheese frosting
      • raspberry date-caramel filling
      • date caramel filling
      • berry-date filling
      • berry frosting (cashew or coconut)

Drinks (availability varies by season)

  • Raspberry Leaf Tea An herbal, balancing, refreshing iced tea that tastes similar to traditional iced tea, but without the caffeine. Unsweetened. $7/quart
  • Golden Milk $16/quart
  • Carob Cashew Milk $16/quart
  • Carob sprouted Hazelnut Milk $16/quart
  • Herbal Chai $7.50/quart; with 4-0z coconut milk $9.50; $15/half gallon; with 8-oz coconut milk $19
  • Golden Smoothie Mix-in 8-oz jar $12 (3 smoothies; blend with 1 frozen banana+1 cup water+1 cup ice per smoothie)
  • Rejuvelac $7/8-oz jar A fermented liquid which can be taken as a drink, or used as a starter for nut cheeses.

*** Note: I would like to reduce and even eliminate waste; there will be a $1.50 jar deposit per jar of any size. Please bring them back clean and with the proper lid for a full refund. We also have reusable stainless steel Green Bowls for sale for $12.50; these are stainless containers that work for just about anything but soup!***