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Weekly Menu – preorder July 18, 2017

Place orders by Monday morning by sending to juliahellerman@gmail.com with PREORDER-YOUR NAME in the subject heading. Include quantities and any special instructions, especially foods that need to be avoided.

Orders are ready for pick up by 4pm on Wednesday and you can pick up anytime after that on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or beyond. If you aren’t going to pick up Wednesday, please let me know so I can store your order properly and be sure it’s out for you when it’s convenient for you to pick up. Orders are often ready much earlier in the day on Wednesday and you can feel free to text me at 303-931-8357 to find out the status of your order.

Payment can be made via Zelle, or by cash or check. Please leave cash and checks in the black metal drop box (there is a slit on top to slip things in).

If you have jars to return, please subtract $1.50 per jar from your total. Please be sure that they are my jars and are clean and intact. There will be scrap paper, pens, and paperclips available to note your jar return with your payment.

PS – I have a working doorbell now. You are welcome to ring if you’d like to say hello or have questions, but you can also just grab your food and go! FYI – I can talk to you through the doorbell, so don’t be surprised:)

Menu ready for pick up starting Wednesday February 21st at 4pm:

  • Lemon Ginger Veggie Bowl $9.25/pint
  • Millet cakes $5/4-pack
  • Quiche $60/full; $35/half; $30/batter
    • 8-oz fermented cashew cream cheese $11
    • 8-oz fermented cashew raita $7.50
  • Bread pudding $4.50/ea lemon poppyseed with vanilla cashew cream, raspberry drizzle and coconut whip (made from sprouted quinoa)
  • Layered Lemon Turmeric Bars $4.50/ea layers of lemony coconut whip and sweet turmeric whip top a date-sweetened crust made from sprouted almonds.
  • Raw Carrot Cake Bars $4.50/ea A cashew and walnut raw carrot cake filled with creamy vanilla cashew cream cheese frosting
  • Raw carob candy bars $2.50/ea
  • Raw kale chips $5/2-oz bag lacinato kale battered with a sprouted pumpkin seed, chia, and veggie batter and dehydrated until crisp. A super satisfying snack…


  • Sprouted lentil veggie sausages $12/dozen bake at 325 degrees on a lightly oiled cookie sheet for 12-15 minutes, or until browned, flipping about 10 minutes into baking. Use with pesto, tomato sauce, veggies, and pizza crusts for sausage pizzas; or stuff into steamed cabbage leaves and bake with tomato sauce; or create your own combo.
  • Spinach and hempseed pesto $5.50/4-oz jar, $11/8-oz jar
  • Sprouted Za’atar hummus $5/8-oz jar – sold out


  • Sprouted sourdough loaves *please note special order flavors start at $11
    • chia flax (buckwheat and millet; 1.2 teaspoons coconut sugar/loaf) $10
    • buckwheat flax buckwheat-only breads have a softer crust and are made without chia seed. (1.2 teaspoons coconut sugar per loaf) $10
    • caramelized onion and herb (buckwheat and millet/zero added coconut sugar) $11
    • Za’atar focaccia (buckwheat and millet/zero added coconut sugar) $7
    • cinnamon raisin (buckwheat only) (1.2 teaspoons coconut sugar/loaf) $11
    • fennel or fennel and onion (buckwheat only; 1.2 teaspoons coconut sugar/loaf) $11
  • Sprouted Buckwheat and Millet Sourdough Buns $6/4-pk (zero added sugar)
  • Sprouted Buckwheat and Millet SourdoughPizza Crusts $8/4-pk (zero added sugar)
  • Mini veggie focaccia half dozen $22.50
    • with cashew cream cheese baked on top $25
  • Millet muffins; 1/2 dozen $20 an all-millet quick bread batter, very lightly sweetened with dates, made with extra virgin olive oil and baked into muffins. Similar to cornbread in many ways, millet muffins can be either sweet or savory depending on the fillings and toppings chosen.
    • savory veggie millet muffins $24/half dozen
    • savory veggie and cashew cream cheese millet muffins $25

LIGHTLY SWEETENED SPROUTED MUFFINS, ROULADES, AND 6-LAYER TORTES Sprouted grains, dates, coconut sugar (optional for some flavors, coconut oil, chia seeds, spices and extracts depending on flavor, applesauce, apple cider vinegar, and leavenings combine to make the most delicious things! See bakery menu for flavor options.

  • Sweet Sprouted Buckwheat or Quinoa Muffins 1/2 dozen $20 also available in mini size. See flavor options below, or feel free to suggest your own. Some specific flavor requests may require an additional charge.
  • Sprouted Buckwheat or Quinoa Roulades 1/2 dozen $26 jelly roll-style, filled with healthy and so delicious fillings made from whole foods like fruit, sprouted nuts and seeds, coconut, etc. See See flavor options below, or feel free to suggest your own. Some specific flavor requests may require an additional charge.
  • 6-layer torte; cakes are sweetened with coconut sugar and dates; some flavors can be made with dates only for a less-sweet cake; all frostings are date-sweetened $35 for one cake flavor+one frosting flavor. See flavor options below, or feel free to suggest your own. Some specific flavor requests may require an additional charge.