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Contact Information October 15, 2015

Weekly pick up hours and information, as well as classes and other offerings are posted weekly on this blog (you can “follow” to receive email updates or just check the latest post), as well as social media.

You can contact me directly at juliahellerman@gmail.com or 303-931-8357 (call/text).




22 Responses to “Contact Information”

  1. Jill Says:

    So excited to come try your food! I live only a couple of blocks away, and just saw the sign as I was driving by.

  2. Michelle Says:

    I just found out about this place! I can’t wait to come in! And I like that you’re accessible by food. 🙂

  3. sdm Says:

    Do you have an outdoor patio in back?

  4. Julie T Says:

    I ate a late-afternoon meal at Julia’s Kitchen today. Yummy food and good variety! I went home and wrote email to a number of friends recommending your restaurant. I will be back soon to try some sweet treats. Keep up the good work!

    • adaba Says:

      Thank you so much, Julie! That kind of marketing is just what we need! I am so glad you enjoyed your meal and hope to meet you next time you are in. Enjoy the rest of your day! Julia

  5. Laurie Says:

    Just learned about your restaurant. Can’t wait to try it out! Awesome to know that there’s a great conscious vegan restaurant out there!!

  6. Leslie Says:

    I think you mean that you are accessible “by foot” rather than “by food,” but it’s a pretty perfect typo… 🙂

  7. Peggy Says:

    Julia – Your menu looks yummy… I’m moving cross country to live across the street!

  8. Roxanne Says:

    Once again Julia you have thrilled my tastebuds and nourished my cells😊 so glad to see you are having success and enjoying your new location. I drive 135 miles one way (from Penrose) to indulge myself with your creations. You are my number 1 restaurant in Boulder and will remain so. I just wish I would have gotten 2 Burgers to go, so I would have one in my freezer. If you ever consider branching south to Colorado Springs, I would be honored to prepare your food and wash your dishes. Thank You

  9. Once again Julia you have satisfied my cravings with your delectable menu. I drove 135 miles one way (from Penrose) to indulge my tastebuds and cells in your wonderful creations. So glad to see your success with a new location and even happier to see the food remains unchanged, except for some new items. i just wish I would have ordered 2 Burgers to go so I would have one in my freezer. If you ever consider branching south to Colorado Springs I would be honored to prepare your food, wash your dishes and sweep your floors. Thank You for all you do❤️❤️❤️

  10. […] my friend. If you find yourself in the area up in Boulder, CO don’t forget to stop by Julia’s Kitchen for yourself for a hearty meal that tastes home-cooked and prepared with nothing but love. If […]

  11. Julia I noticed a post regarding your closure on Mondays now and your idea of weekend brunch. Or maybe that was meant for after Thanksgiving. Either way a weekend brunch would be great and I would fully support it when weather permits. As you know I am one of your greatest fans and am just waiting for you to open a location near Co Springs. Moving to Boulder just now isen’t in my immediate future. If you open any time after Thanksgiving please let me know. Brunch will always work best for me this time of year due to daylight. Maybe I could set up some private cooking/baking classes with you?

  12. Joelle Says:

    Hi Julia – My husband (from RallySport) just told me about your restaurant. We can’t wait to try it! The menu looks great and I can make it work with my Hashimoto’s food restrictions. See you soon!

  13. willie Says:

    favorite colorado restaurant. numerous times per year, i find an excuse to travel to boulder from denver just to indulge in julia’s yummy, yummy creations. highly recommended.

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