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Employment and Business Opportunities May 25, 2016

Current needs (August 2017):

  • Prep. Mondays and Tuesdays, other days available if interested in long term growth position; strong kitchen skills, organized, efficient, reliable, good communication skills.
  • Customer service for preorder assembly and pick ups/grab and go Wednesdays 3p-7p, additional days/hours available if interested in long term growth position.
  • Cleaning support, flexible hours.

Starting compensation ranges from $10-15/hr depending on experience, performance/contribution, and level of commitment. Raises are performance-based; evaluations are available every two months Profit sharing is an option with established long term commitment.
If you are aligned with what I am doing and want to be involved or collaborate in some way, I am open to possibilities and I’d love to hear from you. My contact information: mobile 303-931-8357 or email juliahellerman@gmail.com