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Business Opportunities May 25, 2016


I started this business because I think food is a critical element in making the world a better place. Everyone needs to eat, yet there is a huge amount of waste while some people can’t get what they need. Food is a huge and influential industry, yet it seems like, as a general rule, individuals don’t think their personal choices have an impact on anything apart from their own health (if that). I want to change this by offering a glimpse into the possibilities of thinking about food (and life) in a different way – intentionally choosing nutrient dense ingredients and maximizing the nutritional value of each ingredient, with the understanding that eating non-nutritious foods is wasting, and also deliberately avoiding more obvious forms of waste.

I have worked hard and made sacrifices and am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to do so for something about which I am passionate. I have loved and been proud of these 6 years of Julia’s Kitchen (not every minute, of course, but that’s ok!). I feel this is what I have to offer in life and hope that I can work toward  creating awareness and change for a long time to come. Julia’s Kitchen is a great avenue to do so, but I alone do not have the skills or energy to do it by myself in the most impactful way. So, I am looking this one last time for a team of people who want to collaborate with me as partners. These people must also believe in the importance of this mission, and have skills that complement my own, passion and energy to work hard and make things happen, boundaries to balance life and work in a healthy way, and who believe that integrity should always be prioritized over maximizing the financial bottom line.

This is an opportunity to build this business with me in whatever way makes sense. I am not looking for a typical employer/employee relationship, but rather a group of collaborators. Compensation would be in the form of profit sharing based on the chosen level of contribution to the operation and growth of the business and within the context of the core values of the business and decisions would be made in a democratic, cooperative way. This does not require a buy in, though would be limited to profit sharing rather than official ownership of the business. Co-ownership is an option, but would require a financial investment at this time or at least 2 years of contributing as a “skin in the game” collaborator.

By the way, it doesn’t have to continue to be called Julia’s Kitchen. The parts of the business that are not negotiable are:

  • plant based/vegan
  • organic/most sustainable ingredients
  • integrity
  • focus on educating and creating awareness

I am not attached to the name or being the sole person in charge (actually don’t want that last one at all), the way the space looks, or a particular business model. There is a lot of space for change.

Options for going forward:

  • Preorder/grab and go model where customers can order from a rotating menu each week. There would be regular grab and go hours at least 5 days per week, in addition to weekly preorder pick up times and the option to offer “pop up” meals where a seasonal lunch, brunch, or dinner would be served on a one time basis. “Pop ups” could be prearranged or spontaneous. Other community events could also be incorporated in this model.
  • Restaurant model – this would require at least one person with significant experience operating a restaurant AND who is in alignment with taking what makes sense from traditional restaurant operation within the mission of Julia’s Kitchen and dropping practices that are wasteful or out of integrity.
  • Wholesale Model/Product Line – this would require investment and at least one person who knows and has experience in this part of the food system and is committed to revolutionizing it. Integrity of ingredients (and elsewhere) as well as true sustainability of packaging would be prioritized over maximizing the financial bottom line.
  • Incubator Model where like-minded/aligned business share the space to offer a variety of products, as well as the responsibility of operating the retail space. This would require very strong alignment in terms of ingredient choices (must be vegan), integrity, mission, etc.
  • Others? I sure don’t know everything – if you have other ideas that will further the mission of Julia’s Kitchen, I am all ears!


Are you interested? Do you know someone who might be? Don’t delay! I have about a month to put change in motion. At that point, I will be looking at other opportunities to make good use of my understanding of food and my passion for making things better.

I can be contact at juliahellerman@gmail.com or 303-931-8357.

Have a great day; be empowered and aware that YOU can make change every day. Julia