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Employment and Business Opportunities May 25, 2016

FULL TIME MANAGER Opportunity to get in on the ground floor as a partner in re-building and re-shaping Julia’s Kitchen. In over 5 years of business, I’ve tried many things, succeeded, failed, and learned a ton. This position is for someone who wants to learn first, then work together to create a thriving business with vibrant, interesting employment opportunities. There are many possible directions in terms of business model and I’m open to (mostly) all. I am not flexible the integrity of the ingredients and their use, or eco-conscience of the business.

Learning and understanding the business is first, then the responsibility will be to manage day-to-day operations. After a training period and establishing together the direction and goals of the business, you would take on all aspects of managing day-to-day operations, including hiring and managing a small team to complement your skills/availability and mine (2-3 people), customer service, and food prep. To be hired for this position, you must:

  • Be truly interested in making a contribution. Of course you need to be compensated and salary and benefits will grow with the business, but you would need to be here because you believe in the mission and want (and are willing to work) to create a solid business that wants to create a healthier and happier world and is the best it can be.
  • Be attentive to details and appreciate the importance of consistency.
  • Have strong communication skills and the ability and willingness to communicate honestly, thoughtfully, and directly.
  • Enjoy and feel satisfaction from hard work, including physical work.
  • Proven management skills are a plus
  • Experience in a professional kitchen is a plus.

If you are interested, please send a detailed summary of qualifications as well as availability, compensation/benefit needs, and what you believe you uniquely have to offer.

Training would begin as soon as possible, no later than June 19th, 2017

contact: juliahellerman@gmail.com



If you are interested in working for Julia’s Kitchen long term or collaborating in some way, please send an email to juliahellerman@gmail.com outlining the reason for your interest, your background and experience, and what you would hope to get out of working together.

Possible areas for ongoing collaboration:

  • Artistic/interior design skills to support better use of the physical space of the restaurant to convey our intentions and mission.
  • Operational support:
    • baking/cooking projects; and/or
    • managing operations when I’m out of town or need to be away from the restaurant; and/or
    • managing operations so that we can be open 1-2 more days per week
  • Expanding our reach through wholesale operations – I have some products that I believe would do great if exposed to a wider audience. If you have experience with wholesale production and are interested in helping get some Julia’s Kitchen products out to more people, I’d love to talk!
  • Special events that are aligned with our mission and that serve to build community in our space
  • Community Outreach: exploring ways serve people in need and make a contribution to a wider community beyond just trying to change the way people see food. Read: creating equality through learning about and doing something for people whose circumstances aren’t as incredibly abundant as ours.

If you believe and what I’m doing and you feel that you can contribute in these or other ways, I’d love to hear from you. My contact information: mobile 303-931-8357 or email juliahellerman@gmail.com