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Schedule Schmedule October 18, 2018

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Good evening! Happy Wednesday!

I’m going to try a new thing and…we will see if it works. I want to focus more on finishing my cookbook, offering more education on this blog, and seeing if I can get some people on board to get my product line off the ground. But, yes, food is still available!

I am going to continue to take orders on a rolling basis, meaning that you can place your orders anytime and you and I can coordinate a pick up schedule that works for both of us. Most of the staples are available continuously and, in that case, can be picked up at your soonest convenience. If staples are out of stock, you and I can coordinate pick up. The bakery items will continue to be made to order and I’ll group orders to be efficient, so we can coordinate pick up dates for those as well. If you have a special occasion or specific pick up date, it will be best to order as far ahead as you are able, but last minute orders do sometimes work out. Extra bakery items will continue to be posted on social when available so you can still get smaller quantities and spontaneous offerings periodically.

The specifics are on the menu, which will stay relatively consistent other than rotating treats and newly inspired offerings based on season or my experimentation, are here.

I hope you have a spectacular week and weekend!


Special Weekend Pick Up Sunday October 13th…preorder reminder October 12, 2018

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Hello! What beauty that Wintery weather gifted us; it’s a gorgeous day!

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized that I need to change things up for this coming week. My schedule will allow me to bake this weekend, but not during the coming week. So…if you can make the timing work and want baked goods, please preorder asap or by tomorrow morning (Saturday) and let me know when you would like to pick up. You can then choose from Sunday/Monday pick up, or I can freeze the goods for pick up on the usual schedule. I’ll probably bake some extra since this is a short window and I’ll post the extras to let you know. As usual, please place orders via email to juliahellerman@gmail.com¬†and let me know your preferred day for pick up.

A fun appetizer option I’m working on using some of the various staples on my menu…uncooked mushroom “sausage” + cashew cream cheese + veggies “battered” in sourdough bread batter (prepared for baking; with baking powder, etc) then baked into little bite sized poppers. Stick toothpicks in them and serve with a tomato sauce for dipping or pipe with cashew cream cheese for a little fanciness. You could also stir pesto into the bread batter and I’m sure you could come up with any number of additional options. It’s great to have some easy and fun potluck and appetizer options on hand, especially as the holidays approach.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Orders due tonight for pick ups this week… October 7, 2018

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Good morning and happy Sunday! Orders are due this evening for pick up this week. You can find the menu here. Please email orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com and let me know whether you’d like to pick up Wednesday or Thursday.

Please note: I am changing things up just ever so slightly to offer more flexibilty. I am offering a consistent menu and schedule. I’ll still send reminder emails, so no need to wait for reminder emails; you can just set a reminder on your phone and place your orders by Sunday evening. You’ll also find that you can order staples (batters, sauces, add-ins, starters, etc) anytime and as long as I have them in stock, you can pick them up any day we arrange. You can find more details about what’s what on the menu page

Ok then, it’s Fall; enjoy your day!


Preorders due today for pick up this week… September 30, 2018

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Good morning! The menu is online and updated for the week to come. Please email juliahellerman@gmail.com with your orders by tonight for pick up starting Wednesday at 4pm. I hope you have a great week! At the very least, smile more and authentically (especially to people outside your circle), look for opportunities to be kind, and look at the world from someone else’s perspective. And, take whatever actions you can, big and small, to move the world in the direction you believe is best for all. Happy Sunday.


Good morning! Order reminder and a few extras September 23, 2018

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Good morning! Happy Sunday. Fall is here in Granby! Coming soon to Boulder…

Just a reminder that orders are due this evening. Please email requests to juliahellerman@gmail.com. You can view the menu here.

If you are ordering items other than baked goods and treats, please let me know which day you’ll pick up and, for Thursdays, whether it will be morning or evening. This way I can make sure it doesn’t defrost before it gets to you. If you do not pick up your order during the scheduled pick up window, I’ll most likely freeze it. If that happens, please contact me via email or text 303-931-8357 to arrange another pick up time within the next day or two.

I have an extra caramelized onion and thyme focaccia in the freezer and also 2x 4-packs of raisin pepita buns – the latter is buckwheat only.

Have a wonderful day!


Preorder Menu for Pick Up Starting 4pm Wednesday 9/26 September 22, 2018

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Good evening; happy Friday! It feels like Fall is finally kicking in; I hope you are ready for crisp air and changing leaves!

I have posted the menu for next week and you can find it here. Please email your orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com by Sunday evening. Sprouted Lentil and Shiitake Sausages are making a comeback and the burgers will probably be sprouted adzuki bean and millet. Adaba Bars are still in stock and there are some yummy mineral-rich sprouted buckwheat granola bars made with bananas, sprouted pepitas, almonds, dates, and spices. That’s not all, so check out the menu!

You’ll notice I’m moving away from completely prepared items in favor of more interactive items where you get to mix and match and add your own fresh things (great for the CSA share and changing with the seasons!) and customize however you like. I am really excited about helping people make the most of their kitchens and offering whatever it is that can make that happen. For some, it will just be recipes and you’ll be mixing and matching and making amazing creations on your own. For others, the starters will be key and specific instructions and videos will be the way to go. Maybe others will hire someone, like I once did, to prep their veggies so they have something easy to mix with the starters. All good. The important thing is to realize the value of feeding ourselves well and taking the time reconnect with the very human task of food preparation at whatever level is possible.

I haven’t forgotten about cooking classes! My kitchen has been a bit torn apart awaiting a new countertop that has been plagued with various problems since the beginning of Summer, but I think it will be put back together soon. Stay tuned for cooking classes that will focus on health and practicality and the community that naturally arises from the creation and sharing of food. I’m so looking forward to that!

For now, have a wonderful weekend!


Order Reminder September 16, 2018

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Good afternoon! Orders are due tomorrow for this week – pick up starts on Thursday. Please email orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com. You can find the menu here. Enjoy your Sunday…stay cool…Fall will come…