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The Market starts tomorrow…Now open Sundays…Banana ice cream is back! April 5, 2013

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photo(1)Spring is here! That means a whole bunch of things for Julia’s kitchen…
The Farmers’ Market starts tomorrow! You can find us across from BMOCA; we will still have an Adaba Foods sign this week, so don’t let that trick ya. Every year the farmers have more and more to offer early in the season; come support these amazing people who work so hard to offer a safe and local food supply!

Starting this weekend, we are open on Sundays from 9-3. Join us for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. You can also pick up dinner for later and enjoy a stress free Sunday dinner.
Our menu will start to transition with the seasons~first change is that banana ice cream is back! Enjoy plain, like a sundae, or in top of pancakes for a decadent breakfast…yum!

Enjoy this beautiful Spring weekend!


Yummy Cakes and Daily Specials January 5, 2013

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photo-3 Do you know that we make birthday cakes? Sidney puts not only her beautiful energy, but also her artistry into every cake she decorates and they are all truly one of a kind. Of course, our cakes are vegan, organic, and gluten free, and made with the same integrity with which we prepare all of our food, because what better day to nourish your body and feed your soul than your birthday? Incidentally, the birthday girl who ordered the cake pictured also ordered a big standard sheet cake, which she expected most of her guests to eat, but it turns out she has 3/4 of the sheet cake left and most went for and loved the “healthy” cake. So don’t worry, they taste as delicious as all of the amazing ingredients from which they are made, plus all of the love that goes into them!

If it’s not your birthday and you need a healthy lunch or dinner, here are the specials for today…

Thai Black Sticky Rice
Sprouted Mung Bean and Millet burger or, when they run out, Black Bean Quinoa Burgers with chipotle ketchup and hemp seed sour cream
Sprouted Buckwheat and Millet cherry waffles with caramelized apples and coconut cream
Sprouted Lentil Chipotle Chili with hemp seed sour cream and millet bread
Plus, Raspberry apple scones, Buckwheat Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Blueberry Lemon Muffins, Cranberry Orange Cinnamon Biscotti, and Raspberry Cashew Mini Cheesecakes

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine…


Julia’s Kitchen Today! December 22, 2012

photo(2)Does this photo just make you want to jump through the page? We’ve got fresh Cinnamon Raisin Swirl sourdough loaves, plus Caramelized Onion and Thyme…enjoy them fresh, or save them for a special sweet or savory French Toast breakfast!

Our specials for today…

*Sprouted Grain Cherry Waffles with Caramelized Apples and Coconut Cream Sauce…
*Creamy Millet Cereal with Berry Sauce and Almond Cream…
*Thai Black Sticky Rice will be ready shortly…
*Soy Free Miso Soup
*A delicious entree platter with miso soup, Cabbage and Wakame Salad, and *Sweet Potato Nori Rolls…
*Sprouted Mung Bean and Millet Burgers…
*Plus our regular menu!
Come and get it today anytime through 8pm. Starting tomorrow, we will take a holiday hiatus until the 27th when we’ll come back ready to support your transition into into a healthy and happy 2013!


Coupon for dinner this weekend! December 14, 2012

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Come in for dinner this weekend and receive a free cup of soup, side salad, or baked good with any entree! December can be a challenge for small, local businesses like Julia’s Kitchen; please shop local! It really does make a difference…

We have snacks to sustain you during your holiday errands, meals to keep you healthy in the midst of the holiday party circuit, and plenty of food to bring along to keep all of your friends and loved ones nourished throughout the whole month. You can feel peace, energy, and good health throughout the holiday hoopla!

We have gift certificates too, in any amount! Who doesn’t need a healthy meal with no mess to clean up??

Happy weekend!


Weekend Menu and Cooking Class Update December 2, 2012


I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. Do you wonder, like I do, when we might actually get seasonal weather?

I’m planning a menu change, but I guess, like the weather, I’m lagging behind…the salad pictured is still on the menu, though soon we’ll shake it up a little, probably changing to a massaged kale salad for Winter…

So, we’ve got that, as well as all the other old standbys on our menu, plus a few specials…

We are doing the Thai Black Sticky Rice right now, and if I can convince my cooking cohorts, we’ll be switching that up soon too, just for a change:) The sticky rice is super yummy, but we’ll come up with another delicious option; right now I’m thinking chai millet with blueberries and apples and hemp seed whipped cream, but we shall see what the week brings…I’ll let you know.

Our burger is a Sprouted French Lentil and Millet Burger with the usual fixin’s

For soup, we have a delicious Cream of Broccoli, which is vegan of course. The secret ingredient is a rich cannellini bean cream. We’ve got other veggies in there too, so it has a slightly orangey hue, kind of looks like broccoli cheese soup, if you’re into that sort of thing…the bowl is served with Millet Bread and 5-Spice Carrot-Almond Pate, and you can get that as a side too.

That’s all for now, for more inspiration, come on into the cafe!

The final class of the Basics series is tomorrow (Sunday) at 4:30pm. We’ve still got a spot or 2, if you’d like to drop in. Because we are expanding the cafe hours to serve dinner very soon, future cooking classes will be available and will be taught in a similar format, but in a home kitchen. I can accommodate small classes in my little galley kitchen and, in fact, like to teach there because it’s proof that you don’t need a big, fancy kitchen in order to cook delicious, healthy food for your family. I’m also open to teaching at someone else’s home if there is a volunteer host. It’s always fun to put a class together with friends…And, I love to do one-on-one or small group consultations and Pantry Overhauls!

In light of all of that and a few other things, the Baking Class that was proposed for next Sunday is being tabled. I know we had a good class-full interested, so I am open to coming up with a way to teach at another time and space, most likely during the school day, though I know that’s tricky for many.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend in peace and good health.


Thank you and Thanksgiving… November 21, 2012

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Happy Day-Before-Thanksgiving!

We will be closing early today, at 4pm, and will of course be closed through tomorrow. We’ll open back up for business as usual on Friday morning at 8am. Come on in today and help us clean out what we’ve got and we’ll start fresh Friday morning in preparation for a clear-headed, calm, and nourishing holiday season.

Though this time of year can be very hectic energetically because of what’s happening around us, our goal at Julia’s Kitchen is to stay grounded and offer a warm, nurturing space that will support the calm and inward focus that I believe is really our natural tendency at this time of year. Soon we will shift a few things on our menu to reflect this change in season.

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderfully satisfying, that you find many things for which to be thankful, and that you find many ways to express your gratitude.

It was exactly this time last year when I first contemplated the sweet idea that I might open a cafe. I am so grateful to all of you for showing up with your support and patience as I’ve muddled my way through this first year. It has been imperfect and beautiful, to me, and I couldn’t be happier to have leaped in the way I did.

With love and many, many thanks,



Rustic Black Bean Soup with Raw Hemp Sour Cream…and yummy new treats! November 13, 2012

Good afternoon! I hope you are enjoying this crisp and beautiful day!

We have lots of special goodies today…
We have a Rustic Black Bean Soup, served with a Raw Hemp Seed Sour Cream and Millet Bread, Sprouted Grain Waffles topped with Spiced Apples, and our burger is a Sprouted Chickpea Burger.

Of course, as always, we also have the Hummus Pizza,  sautes, Red Lentil Coconut Curry, Kitchari, Raw Pizza, and more!

Sidney has been busy playing around in the kitchen, so we’ve got some special pastries too…

Cashew Cream Cheese or Strawberry Cream Cheese Croissants, Blueberry Apple Pop Tarts, Chocolate Raspberry Scones, and Strawberry Jam-Filled Apple Quinoa Muffins…It’s worth a trip in and don’t forget, the kitchen is open until 6pm!