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About Julia’s Kitchen January 30, 2012



About the Business 

Julia’s Kitchen is a Cottage Food business. This means that food is prepared in my home kitchen and I currently sell directly to customers. I have a cookbook in progress. While it’s being completed, you can purchase my mini cookbook, which offers an introduction to my cooking style and techniques as well as eleven favorite foundational recipes from Julia’s Kitchen. I am working on a corresponding line of meal builders which I hope to get on store shelves in the future. You can find menus and instructions for placing orders here or by clicking the Menu tab above. You can find more detail on most products, including full ingredient lists and instructions here. All of my products are gluten free and vegan and nutritional benefits are maximized through soaking, sprouting, and fermentation of grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.

My goal is to empower you to enjoy cooking in your own kitchen and incorporate some level of food preparation into your life, however busy. It’s not just about filling your belly, but about reconnecting through this very tactile experience that ultimately feeds your spirit as well as your body. I believe the act of creating food for oneself, family, and friends is necessary to stay connected to our own humanity, our compassion for others, and our relationship with the Earth. I want to support you in re-creating or holding those connections for yourself because I believe that will lead to happier and more balanced lives. Sometimes that might mean providing a recipe through a cookbook, others it might mean providing the foundation for a meal, like a batter or a soup finisher so you have a foundation and support in getting a nourishing meal on the table. I think I am pretty good at finding ways to be efficient and organized around food when you do have some time so that you can easily put a meal together when you don’t.

About the Food

Food is loved here. It’s soaked, sprouted, fermented, and treated with care. It’s allowed it to shine in its simplicity and be itself. It’s slow food; there is nothing rushed about its preparation, so I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy it.

Julia’s Kitchen’s mission is to create and offer food that feels good. To your body, because it is whole, balanced, and made with love. To your spirit, because it is made with compassion and respect for all creatures and our planet. To your mind, because it makes perfect sense if you really think about it.

Everything is organic (or from a farm we know used organic or better practices), because organic ingredients are always available in this little gem of a town. If we can’t get something organic (other than a few things like salt and baking soda), we use something else.

Extra virgin olive and coconut oils are the only ones used and they are treated gently.

The abundance of food available to us is a true blessing and there should be constant awareness that there are many others throughout the world, even in our own country, for whom food is far from abundant. I am vigilant about avoiding waste, avoiding unnecessary ingredients, and making the most of the ingredients I do use.

One of the most important ways to make the best use of ingredients is sprouting. Preparing seeds (what we call grains, beans, nuts, and seeds) in this way changes their nutritional profile; it makes them into different and better/healthier/more nutritious foods. A sprouted seed versus one that is not sprouted has a higher proportion of protein and a lower proportion of starch; it takes less energy to digest; and in addition to making nutrients available, it actually has more vital nutrients.  In short, sprouting foods increases the nutrients available to you at a much lower energetic cost, which is critical because each organ system uses your energy to operate efficiently and you can’t afford to have your digestive system take more than its share of energy thus leaving others at a deficit. Get more for your money, your calories, and your effort by eating sprouted foods!



32 Responses to “About Julia’s Kitchen”

  1. Dona Laurita Says:

    thank you, julia for the delicious food last night at our WE2E meeting! I soooo believe in your vision & am excited to tell friends, clients about your wonderful cafe! Hope to see you soon! dona laurita

  2. could you please post your phone number somewhere that is easily visible? love your food and your restaurant…xo

  3. Kris Says:

    The food here is incredibly nourishing. I always leave feeling full–never over-stuffed–and always happy. Thanks Julia!

  4. Renee Thompson Says:

    Great lunch today for me and my boys!!! Will be stopping by for dinner soon.

  5. Alison Says:

    Is there an email I can contact you at? I am a student at CU very interested in what you’re doing and want to get involved if possible!

  6. Karli Says:

    Hi! Do you have any available job opportunities? I would love to work there!

  7. Samantha Says:

    Hi Julia! Can I arrange for a few brownies/blondies with cashew frosting for sampling for a party (of course we will pay!)? How much lead time do you need and is it possible to just get a few of each? Thanks!

    • adaba Says:

      Hi Samantha. Sure! We could make them on Thursday at the soonest, or just let us know when you need them!

  8. Samantha Says:

    Awesome! They won’t b sampled until Saturday. Will they still be good? Otherwise should we make it Friday am? Also, do you have cake slices or cupcakes I can also take with for sampling?

  9. […] email friend suggested checking out Julia’s Kitchen. Their website states they are 100% plant-based and gluten-free. Wish I’d had time to check this […]

  10. miranda Says:

    So absolutely everything listed anywhere on the site is vegan and gluten-free? The entire cafe and bakery menu?

    • adaba Says:

      Yes! Absolutely all gluten free and vegan, organic as well. I don’t believe in cutting corners on ingredients or the intention that goes into the food, so we use olive oil and coconut oil (no canola, sunflower, etc), low-impact sweeteners, etc, etc. Just like you’d make at home! We hope you’ll come in, and tell your friends as we are trying to spread the word!

  11. Allison Says:

    Just enjoyed a fantastic Mother’s Day lunch with my family. So happy to have discovered this healthy restaurant. It was like going to a friend’s home for dinner. Thanks! Allison and Scott

  12. hyp8n Says:

    I visited recently and really loved your restaurant. I noticed you recently merged with Adaba Foods and wanted to ask, does Adaba Foods use all organic / non-GMO ingredients? Thank you 🙂

    • adaba Says:

      Thank you-i am glad you enjoyed it! Adaba Foods was actually the precursor to Julia’s Kitchen and yes, all ingredients were and are organic and gmo-free! Always will be…

  13. Wendy Says:

    I am wondering if there is any dairy at all in the cashew cream cheese? Can you tell me all that’s in it?

    • adaba Says:

      Hi wendy. We dont serve any dairy. The ingredients of the cream cheese are cashews, rejuvelac, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt. Rejuvelac is the fermented liquid from soaking buckwheat and millet.

  14. Barbara Harris Says:

    Hello there. Do you offer any gluten-free, dairy-free cooking classes for overwhelmed parents of neuro-developmentally challenged children with extreme food sensitivities? We have a clinic for these children and often find our biggest challenge is persuading the already exhausted parents to learn how to cook gluten free and dairy free foods, especially when the children are addicted to them and screaming when they can’t have them. We are in the Boulder area. Can you help us on our search? If so, please let us know. THANK YOU.

  15. Danielle yamasaki Says:

    Hey Julia!
    It’s Danni From farmer girl, I was looking for your email address to write more on depth on mentorship and some contacts I know that are interested in restaurant entrepreneurship. I’m so glad to have met you and your passion and concept for living is beyond inspiring! I’ll leave my email so we can discuss more!

  16. Debbie Schliske Says:

    I’m looking for a bakery that makes vegan cakes. My daughter lives in Boulder, I’m in Oregon. Her birthday is August 11th. Is this something you do? Please let me know. Thank you!

  17. Carolyn Says:

    We loved it. Ate there two days in a row. And had veggie burger, one day with roll, then without, one time with salad, then mixed vegetables. Both very good.
    Thank you

  18. Michelle Lowe Says:

    Are u planning a Julia’s Kitchen in Sacramento?

    • adaba Says:

      Hi Michelle.

      I’d love to open additional Julia’s Kitchens in other places, but right now the original is still a work in progress! I’m looking for a partner, so it that happens it will speed the process along.

  19. Sarah Snell Says:

    LIKE the way you said “its a one women show”. Loved your language @!!!!

  20. Linda Says:

    Hi Julia!

    Just saw comments regarding a cooking class you held. Will you be doing any more this summer? If so could you let me know when and how much?


    • adaba Says:

      Hi Linda!

      I do hope to teach a couple more cooking classes this Summer. I’d like to do one in July, one in August, and then continue into the Fall. I don’t yet have any dates set, but for July, I am thinking about July 29th early in the day (it gets hot in the space later) for the next one. I’m also always happy to put one together for a group. The cost is generally $55 per person for about a 2 1/2 hour class.

  21. MicheleElys Says:

    Where are you located??

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