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Julia’s Kitchen favorites?? October 24, 2019

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Hello and good evening!

What are the recipes you’d like to see in my upcoming cookbook? Do you have a favorite or favorites from Julia’s Kitchen that you are missing? While I’m finishing the full version of the cookbook, I’m going to publish a little teaser mini book as a trial run. It will be available before Thanksgiving and the full version will follow soon after. I’ve got some ideas about what to include in the mini book – what I consider the quintessential favorites of my time at the restaurant and Farmers’ Market – but I’d love to hear your ideas too. 

It’s been an interesting process to try to get what’s been in my head for over a decade onto paper in a coherent way. I truly thought I would just be able to sit down and do it. Ha, not so much. I do my best thinking and am most creative while cooking, hiking, swimming, and in conversation with another person or small group of people. Ideas are always flowing, but they have a tendency to get stuck swirling around in my head. Progress on the book has increased exponentially in the last month or so since I started working with local writing coach Emily Andrews and I’m really excited about that. Emily is helping me organize my thoughts and keep me grounded and focused, as well as offering her questions and perspective to help make sure the book is clear, comprehensive, and accessible to all. I’m really excited about this and grateful that Emily is willing to sit with me weekly and work on this project. It’s really much more fun to work together than alone!

Everything about publishing a book is new to me. I’ve been in contact with some book designers and printers, but if you are an author or know people who can help in these areas, I’d love to be connected so I can make sure I find the right fit for this book.

Until then, enjoy the snow if you are local, and stay warm! I’ve just baked some treats in case you need a little pick-me-up as you adjust to more Wintery weather; let me know if you’d like to pick up some caramel pecan pumpkin roulades made from sprouted buckwheat and fruit-sweetened. Just pop them in the oven or toaster oven for a few minutes so you can enjoy them fresh from the oven. There is vanilla cashew frosting to go with them too…or if you want something heartier, I have lentil and millet veggie burgers and sourdough buckwheat buns, as well as quiche and veggie pancake batters as well. Warm up that kitchen!

I hope the rest of your week is fantastic!



6 Responses to “Julia’s Kitchen favorites??”

  1. jhoulding Says:

    Meal planning would be helpful. What combinations of food create a complete, nutritious meal? What meals can substitute for non-vegan foods, to ease into more thoughtful choices?

    Judith Houlding Space Editing, LLC

    303-817-4424 judith@indra.com

    Certified Organizer Coach®


  2. Amy Leetz Says:

    hi julia, yay a cookbook! cannot wait! we’d love caramel pumpkin roulades.. with cashew icing. how many do you sell together? thanks! amy oh, and where do i pick up my order?


  3. diane thompson Says:


    Some of my favorites are;

    Veggie Steam Veggie Burgers esp red lentil millet or quinoa (I think that is a combo ) All of your dressings, hummus and go sauces ❤️ Pizza Crusts Lentil Soup Mushroom and/or lentil sausages Lentil Dosas

    Love your food Julia!!!

    Best, Diane Sent from my iPhone


  4. adaba Says:

    Thank you, Diane and Amy! Amy you can buy any number from 1-6 roulades:) Pick up is at my house.

  5. barbara weiss Says:

    hi julia on this cold wintery day,

    my favorite recipes are :

    spinach basil pesto
    “pumkin pie”
    mushroom sausages

    and so sad to report that buckwheat is off my “can eat” list the second time in 5 years …doc has me on the paleo aip and and unhappy to say i’m so much better ….always a work in progress …
    look forward to your recipe book

    skied yesterday at keystone ..the best start date in october ..ever !!

    cheers, barb weiss


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