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April 4th Cooking Class Filled…more classes? February 26, 2019

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Good afternoon! I hope you are enjoying this sunshiny day and the beautifully blue sky!

The cooking class I mentioned in the last post (scheduled for Thursday April 4th @11:30am) is filled. If you are interested in classes – batch cooking or other topics – please let me know as I’m happy to schedule some additional sessions. It’s really nice to spend a day at a place like the one pictured above and come home to dinner options:) Of course after a busy day at work, some foundation is pretty much required in order to get a healthy dinner on the table (at a reasonable hour with minimal stress).

As I’m working on the cookbook, I’m realizing that I’d like to do some videos to correspond with some of the recipes. I have zero skills in that area. If you or someone you know might be interested in helping me out with videography, please get in touch.

Enjoy the day! Julia


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