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Hello! Cooking Class(es) anyone? February 22, 2019

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Good morning and happy Friday! It’s been a while! I hope Winter has been good to you and you have had whatever balance you need between cozy time at home and breathing in the fresh outdoor air! Soon enough Spring will be in the air…

I’m baking tomorrow and I’ll have a bit of extra batter; if you would like a loaf of chia flax or buckwheat flax, please send me at email at juliahellerman@gmail.com sometime today.

Missing quiche or veggie pancakes? Remember, you can buy the batters and then enjoy them fresh from the oven! Other mix and match items are available as well, so you can make almost anything from the Julia’s Kitchen menu at home. If you feel intimidated by cooking, please see below as I’m planning a cooking class soon.  I also have some yummy raw cashew coconut macaroons, carob brownies, and chocolate brownies ready to eat…

I’ve continued to work on my cookbook and it’s steadily coming along. Not super fast because it turns out I don’t really like to sit down, but I’m trying to pick up speed:) I’m excited about that and also the prospect of a product line of cooking-supportive staples, but I am looking for some partnership in order to get that going. Know anyone? I have an application in for the new food hall opening up, as I’d love an opportunity to focus only on the food and let them decorate the front of house, bus the tables, etc.

I’ve also got a cooking class in the works. It will be a lunchtime class during the week, probably on a Thursday. I know that works great for some and obviously not at all for others. If you are interested in a cooking class, please let me know your availability. This one is going to focus on batch prepping staples a few times a week so busy day meals are a snap. Besides the practical, this kind of staple prep really paves the way for a more creative cooking process. You’d be surprised how much more space there is when one or more parts of the meal are already prepared. This class is by request, but if you are looking for something different, please feel free to put in your own request. Cooking classes are casual, in my home kitchen (which proves a lot can be done in a decidedly small and simple space) and my dining room table where we always will enjoy the fruits of our labor. And, by the way, everything will be plant-based, but if you are an omnivore, these concepts and many of the staples absolutely apply to any cooking/eating style.

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “Hello! Cooking Class(es) anyone?”

  1. Hello Julia: I am interested but it will depend on the weather for the drive.  Keep me posted and am sooooo excited for you book!!!

  2. Diane Thompson Says:

    Good Morning Julia,

    I am interested in a cooking class. Thursdays work well for me between 11:30-3:00. Diane


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