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Ordering for this week (by Tuesday night for Thursday/Friday) January 1, 2019

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Biggest Food Fail of 2018 – looks delicious, tastes disgusting:)

Good evening!

I’m taking orders through Tuesday for pick up starting Thursday at 4pm. You can view the menu here.

My plan for 2019: I am going to continue taking rolling orders as I’ve been doing (you can find the details at the menu link). I’m also working on a product line to be rolled out along with the cookbook. I’m really excited about this! The purpose of both is to encourage and empower healthy eating, a balanced lifestyle, and home kitchen cooking. The cookbook will be a compilation of recipes plus all I’ve learned from running a restaurant and a household about keeping a stocked whole food pantry, preparation techniques to maximize the taste and nutrition of your ingredients, and how to be efficient in the kitchen and incorporate food preparation into your life so that you can see it for what it is – a grounding and creative process that is a fundamental and critical part of being human. The product line will offer key foundational components of the recipes in the cookbook for those times when the busy-ness of world we have created has taken over and you need a little extra help getting a meal on the table. So, for example, when life is feeling balanced and spacious, you can take a few hours a week to shop, prep veggies, blend up some batters and sauces for the freezer, and soak some beans and grains to be sprouted and cooked later in the week. That way, when weeknight dinnertime comes, it can be just a matter of assembly, or there might be space for some fun and creativity. When things get crazy and you don’t have anything prepared for a meal, you can grab a Mung Dahl Quiche or Berbere Red Lentil Veggie Pancake Batter from the store, quickly chop up some veggies or throw in some leftovers, and have a nourishing meal ready in less than 30 minutes. Some of the other products I have in mind are Naan Batter (which that can easily turn into sprouted gluten free crepes, wraps, waffles (sweet or savory), or dinner rolls), Sprouted Buckwheat or Quinoa Muffin Batters, Saag Starter (just add spinach; onion and garlic optional), and Red Lentil Dosa Batter (so delicious with the saag). If the line is well-received, I have a ton of other ideas too. The whole product line will be 100% plant based and gluten free, but you can absolutely add whatever you like to suit your personal diet and preferences.

Finally, I want to leave you with an appreciation from the the last few days and with which I am ending this year…For those who are willing to share your whole self, including what is dark or embarrassing, and/or not so pretty, I honor and support and thank you. I think that’s the only way to be truly connected and it seems increasingly like it’s more common to only show the good parts. For those who are willing to accept others for the whole of who they are, I honor and support and thank you too. The receiving of others in whatever state is true for them is a beautiful thing and an extraordinary gift.

Our part of the world is so focused on external gratification – looks, grades, money, things – even though I think most of us know that they aren’t what bring joy, satisfaction, learning, true success, contribution, or meaning to our lives and, in fact, often detract from what we really want to experience in life. I hope we can all figure out what we are truly here to do individually to better the world, and how we can live together in harmony, see and appreciate each other, support one another, and be certain that what is done to one is done to all. And, for goodness sake, I hope we can find a way to reasonably live on this planet so it’s allowed to regenerate and sustain itself for whatever the future brings.

I’m sending love to all and wishes for the best we can do and be in 2019. Happy New Year!