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Good morning! Order reminder and a few extras September 23, 2018

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Good morning! Happy Sunday. Fall is here in Granby! Coming soon to Boulder…

Just a reminder that orders are due this evening. Please email requests to juliahellerman@gmail.com. You can view the menu here.

If you are ordering items other than baked goods and treats, please let me know which day you’ll pick up and, for Thursdays, whether it will be morning or evening. This way I can make sure it doesn’t defrost before it gets to you. If you do not pick up your order during the scheduled pick up window, I’ll most likely freeze it. If that happens, please contact me via email or text 303-931-8357 to arrange another pick up time within the next day or two.

I have an extra caramelized onion and thyme focaccia in the freezer and also 2x 4-packs of raisin pepita buns – the latter is buckwheat only.

Have a wonderful day!


One Response to “Good morning! Order reminder and a few extras”

  1. jhoulding Says:

    I’d like to order two more loaves of bread (fennel seed ones).

    Judith Houlding Space Editing, LLC

    303-817-4424 judith@indra.com

    Certified Organizer Coach®


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