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Rolling orders for pick up through June 22nd…reminder of June 23-July 18th break…and a local recommendation June 9, 2018

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First, thank you to all who have expressed concern about the MINOR surgery I mentioned last week. I realized the long closure made it seem not so minor, so I want to clarify that the first part of my break is for pure pleasure – a trip to Greece with my family. So, no need to be feeling sorry for me:)

Also, between getting ready for the houseguests who will be staying at my house and a few bigger than everyday house-related projects in the works, plus some other things that have come up, I am realizing that it would be best to start now for those who want to stock up before the end of June so I’m not overwhelmed by huge orders the week before I leave. Let’s do those really big stocking up orders sooner than later, meaning check out the menu and send me your list now of whatever you may want/need between now and mid July plus any restrictions on when you can or can’t pick up and I’ll do my best to coordinate getting it all done!

Have a great weekend!


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