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Upcoming break- June 15, 2018

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Hello and good day!

I’ll be filling a few more orders that came in last week before I head off for a while. I can take a couple more bread orders plus the following until it’s sold out for pick up Tuesday or Wednesday…please email requests to juliahellerman@gmail.com and I’ll fill them in a first come, first served basis. Prices are listed on the weekly menu-preorder tab

  • sprouted sourdough things if ordered by Saturday
  • Mung bean veggie pancake batter pint or 12-oz jars
  • Red lentil veggie pancake batter
  • Quiche batter pint (4-piece) or 8-oz (2 pieces)’
  • 4-pack sourdough crusts
  • Sprouted buckwheat banana roulades filled with cashew cream cheese frosting and pecan streusel (frozen)
  • Sprouted quinoa blueberry muffins (frozen)
  • Sprouted buckwheat rhubarb streusel coffee cake
  • Balsamic drizzle
  • Sprouted lemon tahini dressing
  • Lemon ginger dressing
  • Sprouted hummus
  • Cashew cream cheese
  • Miso mustard
  • Herbal
  • Chai ($15/quart)
  • Cashew milk
  • Sprouted black beans
  • Sprouted chickpeas
  • Sprouted mung beans
  • Carob mint drops
  • Caramelized onion chutney
  • Chai “biscotti”

Let me know what you want, and I’ll let you know what I have…otherwise I’ll see ya in a month!

Happy Summer!


Order reminder-change in procedure-rolling orders taken ASAP for last pick ups until mid/late July June 10, 2018

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Good morning and happy Sunday! A reminder that I’m taking orders now for rolling pick ups this week and part of next. These will be the last orders taken until mid/late July. If you’d like to stock up on anything, now is the time.

I need to travel later this week unexpectedly (separately from the travel for the following week), so the sooner your orders are placed the better. I may take some orders next week, but I can’t promise that I’ll be able to fulfill all orders if you wait until next week.

I’m adding hummus to the menu, in addition to herbal chai. If you haven’t already checked the menu for next week, it also includes chai “biscotti” and ladyfingers both of which are yummy morning beverage dunkers as well as a fabulous base for so many seasonal Summer desserts…think strawberry shortcake, trifles, ice cream sandwiches, etc. Check the full menu here.

Have a happy Sunday!


Rolling orders for pick up through June 22nd…reminder of June 23-July 18th break…and a local recommendation June 9, 2018

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First, thank you to all who have expressed concern about the MINOR surgery I mentioned last week. I realized the long closure made it seem not so minor, so I want to clarify that the first part of my break is for pure pleasure – a trip to Greece with my family. So, no need to be feeling sorry for me:)

Also, between getting ready for the houseguests who will be staying at my house and a few bigger than everyday house-related projects in the works, plus some other things that have come up, I am realizing that it would be best to start now for those who want to stock up before the end of June so I’m not overwhelmed by huge orders the week before I leave. Let’s do those really big stocking up orders sooner than later, meaning check out the menu and send me your list now of whatever you may want/need between now and mid July plus any restrictions on when you can or can’t pick up and I’ll do my best to coordinate getting it all done!

Have a great weekend!


Order and Summer Schedule Reminder… June 3, 2018

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img_1416Good morning!

A reminder to place orders by tonight for pick up this week, and also to stock up before I take some time off later this month and into July. For those details as well as seasonal recipe suggestions, click here.

The raw donuts for this week are pictured above…looking forward to trying them when they are done.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!


Menu for June 6th+ Pick Up, and stock up before June 20th June 2, 2018

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IMG_1400Good evening!

The menu for pick up starting June 6th is up and you can view it here. Please note that there will be no pick ups from June 22nd – July 12th. A limited menu will be offered for July 18th, but likely won’t be able to bake sourdough loaves until at least July 25th due to restrictions after a minor surgery. Now is the time to stock up and fill your freezer! Please email orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com by Sunday evening.

Lots of yummy things and thoughts for next week…

  • Lemon poppyseed 6 layer torte filled with local rhubarb jam and coconut whip, frosted with vanilla cashew frosting.
  • I’ll be making another batch of the sweet and savory tahini buckwheat bars, since they are so deliciously nourishing.
  • I’m also going to experiment with a raw “donut”…
  • carob mint drops made from fresh local mint
  • Plenty of savory stuff too, including raw buckwheat veggie crackers, kale chips, and plenty of batters to fill with your CSA shares and market bounty…
    • roast all those hakurei turnips and fold them into red lentil veggie pancake batter along with carrots, cabbage, and kale…and whatever else you choose
    • stir chives into cashew cream cheese; spread on sourdough bread or raw buckwheat crackers or thinly slice turnips and wrap around a dollop of herbed cream cheese
    • turn the abundant greens into saag and wrap in red lentil crepes
    • make a delicious veggie bowl with market veggies and sprouted mung beans (lemon ginger), black beans (chipotle aioli), or chickpeas (sprouted lemon tahini), all available cooked and frozen.
    • stir scallions into mung bean veggie pancake batter and brush with sesame oil after cooking for scallion pancakes to serve alongside Summer miso soup made with local bok choy, carrots, green garlic, spring onions, and shiitake mushrooms.
    • Veggie burgers this week are sprouted mung bean and millet, unless you let me know that you want the last 4 black bean quinoa.

Alrighty, that’s it for now. I’ve got a basement full of rising 9th graders to tend to…wish me luck.