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Preorder menu P/U starting 5/30; order before your busy weekend! May 25, 2018

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Black Bean Veggie Bowl with Chipotle Drizzle

Raw Buckwheat Veggie Crackers


Raw Lemon Tea Cookie Bites


Wow! Ok, I guess it’s Summer now…

The schedule for next week is the same as usual, but you might want to get your orders in before the weekend wooshes you away! You’ll find the menu here. Remember to email orders by Sunday evening to juliahellerman@gmail.com.

Special for this week and seasonal suggestions:

  • Raw Kale Chips – sprouted pumpkin seeds-chia-veggie battered kale dehydrated until crisp.
  • Rhubarb Streusel Coffee Cake (my first time making rhubarb; wish me luck:) Sprouted grain cake topped with gooey cooked rhubarb and sprouted buckwheat streusel. May also contain quinoa. No nuts here (unless you consider coconut to be a nut).
  • Raw Turnip Ravioli filled with herbed cashew cream cheese (will probably contain hemp seeds in addition to cashew) with optional raw walnut veggie parmesan.
  • Sprouted cooked black beans ready to be transformed into a seasonal veggie bowl or yummy black bean salad.
  • Leftover from this week lemon tea cookie bites, vanilla tea cookie bites, sweet and savory tahini buckwheat bars (these are a keeper, I think), sprouted buckwheat crackers and all the usuals from the freezer…

Find the full menu and price and ingredient info on the blog! In case you want to know how to get there on your own, go to juliaskitchen.co and select weekly menu – preorder. You can also view previous blog posts, ingredients and instructions, and more.

Have a wonderful long weekend! I hope you enjoy Boulder in all its glory; better be in the very early morning if you don’t like crowds:)


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