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Seasonal Inspirations for next week… May 5, 2018

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Wow, it’s even more glorious to have weather like this after a couple days of much needed rain!

I’ve posted the menu for this week and you can view it here…please email orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com by Sunday evening.

Some highlights for this week:

  • I made chickpea tikka masala a few days ago and it was super yummy. It occurred to me that the red lentil coconut curry + caramelized onion chutney would make a delicious masala sauce. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to this weekend and will add the recipe with the other ingredients and instructions.
  • I got inspired by ice cream truck memories to make a treat that reminds me of my old fav strawberry shortcake bars. My version is a cake layer made from cashews, dates, coconut and other whole, nourishing goodness with a crunchier coconut topping. They are yummy.
  • There are still a few Raspberry Peach Streusel Bars; they are made with a sprouted buckwheat and almond crust and topped with date caramel, local peaches (from my freezer), and coconut streusel topping.
  • Chives are in season and adding them to fermented cashew cream cheese is divine.
  • Grab some local potatoes and kale too and you can made a quick meal by tossing them in the caramelized onion chutney and made some dosas to wrap around it using the Red Lentil Crepe (Dosa) Batter. 

For those who are still wondering what I’m up to, my product line continues to evolve and the cookbook is slowly forming simultaneously. The two will go hand-in-hand. The cookbook will empower you to do whatever it is you want to do in the kitchen – guidance on everything from a well-stocked pantry, soaking and sprouting and batch cooking to make your life SO much easier to baking sprouted muffins, raw delicacies, and sprouted sourdough breads. The product line of batters and starters (better descriptions forthcoming) will be there when you need a little extra support. And education will be a big piece too – partly by virtue of just inviting people back into a friendly kitchen, but also promoting and providing practical advice on reducing and eliminating waste.

Enjoy a beautiful Colorado Spring weekend!

PS: Speaking of eliminating waste, please be careful to only return jars that come from here. I can’t use other types of jars, so it just ends up as clutter or recycling and it’s sooo much better to reuse than recycle! Here are some examples of what I accept and what I don’t…

NO THANK YOU! See how it narrows at the top and isn’t a Mason or Ball jar? Those two things mean you should put it to a better use.

Yes please! Pint sized, 12-oz, 8-oz, and 4-oz Ball or Mason jars all clean with lids. I’ll still sanitize them, but it might take a while so please return them clean to avoid stinkiness!






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