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Preorder menu P/U starting 5/30; order before your busy weekend! May 25, 2018

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Black Bean Veggie Bowl with Chipotle Drizzle

Raw Buckwheat Veggie Crackers


Raw Lemon Tea Cookie Bites


Wow! Ok, I guess it’s Summer now…

The schedule for next week is the same as usual, but you might want to get your orders in before the weekend wooshes you away! You’ll find the menu here. Remember to email orders by Sunday evening to juliahellerman@gmail.com.

Special for this week and seasonal suggestions:

  • Raw Kale Chips – sprouted pumpkin seeds-chia-veggie battered kale dehydrated until crisp.
  • Rhubarb Streusel Coffee Cake (my first time making rhubarb; wish me luck:) Sprouted grain cake topped with gooey cooked rhubarb and sprouted buckwheat streusel. May also contain quinoa. No nuts here (unless you consider coconut to be a nut).
  • Raw Turnip Ravioli filled with herbed cashew cream cheese (will probably contain hemp seeds in addition to cashew) with optional raw walnut veggie parmesan.
  • Sprouted cooked black beans ready to be transformed into a seasonal veggie bowl or yummy black bean salad.
  • Leftover from this week lemon tea cookie bites, vanilla tea cookie bites, sweet and savory tahini buckwheat bars (these are a keeper, I think), sprouted buckwheat crackers and all the usuals from the freezer…

Find the full menu and price and ingredient info on the blog! In case you want to know how to get there on your own, go to juliaskitchen.co and select weekly menu – preorder. You can also view previous blog posts, ingredients and instructions, and more.

Have a wonderful long weekend! I hope you enjoy Boulder in all its glory; better be in the very early morning if you don’t like crowds:)


order reminder May 20, 2018

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Good morning! Ah, more rain to gift us a lush and beautiful spring and hopefully a bountiful harvest through Summer and Fall! Hopefully you appreciate it today, but if not, I suspect you will when the sun shines again and you see the glorious green landscape.

This is just a reminder that orders for this week are due tonight. In case you missed the last email, you can see the menu here and you can also see it archived here to read about some of the seasonal menu suggestions for this week.

Have a fabulous day! I’m off to deal with the mountain of papers I’ve been avoiding…


Menu and Recipe Suggestions Pick Up Beginning May 23rd May 18, 2018

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Hello! I hope you are enjoying these gorgeous Spring days full of budding flowers and lush green grass.

In case you forgot to order this week, there are some extras available; going in the freezer tonight:

  • Sprouted sourdough buns $4/4-pk (day young price)
  • Caramel Nut Roulades $3.50/ea (day young price)
  • Millet mini muffins $1/ea (day young price)
  • Kale and toasted shallot mini muffins $1.25/ea (day young price)
  • Frozen veggie burgers
  • Meal Starters and Embellishers – I think I have everything except the cur
    ry add-in and mung Dahl veggie pancake batter (both will be available for pick up next week)

The menu for next week is posted and you can view it here. Some of the highlights:

  • Raw crackers are on for next week. Try them with cashew cream cheese sprinkled with chives…
  • A new raw cookie in case you are up for experimentation: vanilla or lemon tea cookies (your choice) are date-sweetened cashew-based cookies filled with vanilla or lemon coconut cream filling.
  • Frozen Sprouted and Cooked Beans are joining the menu! This week:
    • mung beans – cook up your favorite veggies and stir in sprouted mung beans and a spoonful of lemon ginger sauce for a lemon ginger veggie bowl.
    • chickpeas/garbonzo beans + cooked veggies + caramelized onion chutney + red lentil coconut curry add-in + water = sprouted chickpea tikka masala

My CSA starts next week and I’m so excited share the inspiration of my weekly bounty with you!

A reminder for those who place orders…If you are paying cash, please use the paperclips by the drop box to keep your money together (don’t worry about any coins) so it’s easier for me to track who has paid. There are also sticky notes so you can notate any jar returns if needed.

Have a great week!




May 16th Menu for Preorder; and kitchari available for Sunday pm or Monday pick up May 13, 2018

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Hello My friends!

I hope you are enjoying this cozy wet weekend!

The menu is up and you can click here to see it. You’ll find all the usual suspects – quiche, veggie pancake, and dosa batters, cashew cream cheese, add-ins for red lentil coconut curry and golden smoothies, bakery batters, and sauces/condiments which I consider to be my “product line” (in development – more to come I hope!). These items, and of course sourdough breads and special order muffins, roulades, and tortes are available week-to-week.

Specials for this coming week are almost raw carob brownies (carob powder is roasted) which you’ve seen before and Sweet and Savory Tahini Buckwheat Bars. The latter is a new one. I’ve been keeping various flavors of raw buckwheat granola bars on hand in my freezer for when I don’t have a chance to sit down for a meal before running out the door. They have been awesome as a quick pre-breakfast snack on busy mornings or between meal snack when I need something light yet satisfying to keep me energized for a hike or just getting through the afternoon. On the savory side, the burgers available this coming week are sprouted lentil and millet or sprouted black eyed pea and rice.

I did test out my idea to combine the caramelized onion chutney with the red lentil coconut curry add in to make sprouted chickpea masala and was so happy with the result! Soak and sprout some chickpeas, then cook them and pop some in the freezer so you can be prepared for one of those days when you want a home-cooked meal and need it to be quick.

  • 3 cups of cooked chickpeas
  • 3-4 cups of mixed cooked veggies (leftover or freshly cooked; even frozen if you must)
  • 4-oz jar of caramelized onion chutney
  • 12-oz jar of the curry add in
  • emptied 12-oz jar filled with water three times
  • Voila – heat and serve with rice, quinoa, cauliflower rice, naan, dosa wraps or whatever you like!

My next thought is that the chipotle aioli mixed with a little tomato paste might just make a fabulous sugar free spicy ketchup…I will keep you posted.

Have a happy Sunday; don’t be sad if it rains all day. That’s just a perfect excuse to really relax:)


Just a friendly reminder… May 6, 2018

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That orders are due today for pick up this week, starting Wednesday at 4pm…check menu here and email orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com. Enjoy your evening!


Seasonal Inspirations for next week… May 5, 2018

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Wow, it’s even more glorious to have weather like this after a couple days of much needed rain!

I’ve posted the menu for this week and you can view it here…please email orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com by Sunday evening.

Some highlights for this week:

  • I made chickpea tikka masala a few days ago and it was super yummy. It occurred to me that the red lentil coconut curry + caramelized onion chutney would make a delicious masala sauce. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to this weekend and will add the recipe with the other ingredients and instructions.
  • I got inspired by ice cream truck memories to make a treat that reminds me of my old fav strawberry shortcake bars. My version is a cake layer made from cashews, dates, coconut and other whole, nourishing goodness with a crunchier coconut topping. They are yummy.
  • There are still a few Raspberry Peach Streusel Bars; they are made with a sprouted buckwheat and almond crust and topped with date caramel, local peaches (from my freezer), and coconut streusel topping.
  • Chives are in season and adding them to fermented cashew cream cheese is divine.
  • Grab some local potatoes and kale too and you can made a quick meal by tossing them in the caramelized onion chutney and made some dosas to wrap around it using the Red Lentil Crepe (Dosa) Batter. 

For those who are still wondering what I’m up to, my product line continues to evolve and the cookbook is slowly forming simultaneously. The two will go hand-in-hand. The cookbook will empower you to do whatever it is you want to do in the kitchen – guidance on everything from a well-stocked pantry, soaking and sprouting and batch cooking to make your life SO much easier to baking sprouted muffins, raw delicacies, and sprouted sourdough breads. The product line of batters and starters (better descriptions forthcoming) will be there when you need a little extra support. And education will be a big piece too – partly by virtue of just inviting people back into a friendly kitchen, but also promoting and providing practical advice on reducing and eliminating waste.

Enjoy a beautiful Colorado Spring weekend!

PS: Speaking of eliminating waste, please be careful to only return jars that come from here. I can’t use other types of jars, so it just ends up as clutter or recycling and it’s sooo much better to reuse than recycle! Here are some examples of what I accept and what I don’t…

NO THANK YOU! See how it narrows at the top and isn’t a Mason or Ball jar? Those two things mean you should put it to a better use.

Yes please! Pint sized, 12-oz, 8-oz, and 4-oz Ball or Mason jars all clean with lids. I’ll still sanitize them, but it might take a while so please return them clean to avoid stinkiness!