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Kitchari Cleansing? Pre-order menu for next week… April 26, 2018

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It’s cake central around here and such fun! Did you know that for muffins, roulades, and cakes, you are welcome to specify the level of sweetness. Sprouted buckwheat varieties can be made sweetened only with fruit and sprouted quinoa varieties are delicious at 1/2 sweetness, meaning half the dates and half the coconut sugar. Regularly-sweetened muffins/roulades/cake slice (1/8 of the cake which is a huge piece) have about 8g sugar each in the form of coconut sugar and another 4g in the form of pureed date, plus any fruit/filling/frosting which is always fruit-sweetened. For reference, a typical muffin out in the world can have 35-45 grams of added sugar (not including any real fruit that’s included), and a typical slice of cake has 55-65 grams of added sugar. Recommended daily intake of added sugars is 24 grams for a woman and 36 grams for a man.

On a more savory note, I’m offering kitchari on the menu from now on. The catch is that there is a 3 (half gallon) jar minimum. The idea is that you can use it for a 4-day kitchari cleanse (or a 5 day if you order 4 jars), or you can get together with a group of friends to meet the minimum. It’s the only way it makes sense for me to make it without being on a permanent kitchari cleanse myself;). Sometimes there will be extras from the special orders and I’ll always be sure to post in that case. I will be cooking another batch of kitchari this week for pick up on Friday, so let me know asap if you’d like to purchase a jar. Since I’m already making it, you are welcome to order by the pint, quart, or half gallon.

Here’s the link to the menu for this week. Please remember to email your orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com by Sunday evening for pick up starting next Wednesday at 4pm (anytime after that on Wednesday is fine, or you can let me know you’d like to pick up a different day). If you want to try to arrange earlier pick up on Wednesday, it’s often possible but it’s best to let me know when you please your order. I’m pretty busy Tuesday and especially Wednesday getting everything together so ideally you’ll let me know your needs before then.

Please remember to return your jars, and it’s also helpful to bring a bag to haul your loot! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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