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Order Reminder April 15, 2018

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IMG_1066Hello my friends! I hope you are enjoying this lovely weekend in Boulder or wherever you are!

A friendly reminder here to place your orders by Sunday evening for pick ups starting this Wednesday after 4pm. If you want to pick up Thursday, Friday, or beyond, please let me know so I don’t put your order out for you on Wednesday. You will find the menu for this week here.

Please remember to return your jars, either when you happen to be driving by my house or when you pick up for the next week. Eliminating waste is something to which I am committed and I need your partnership in order to make that happen.

There is plenty more on the weekly menu, but here are some special/new items for this week:

  • Strawberry and Local Peach Streusel Bars $4/ea
  • Chai biscotti (made from sprouted buckwheat) $2/ea made from sprouted buckwheat muffin batter baked like a jelly roll, sliced, then baked again for a crisper cookie to dip into milk, coffee, chai, etc.
  • Cashew Milk $6.75/12-oz jar date sweetened
  • Carob Cashew Milk $7.25/12-oz jar date sweetened
  • ***NEW***Sourdough Batter $7.50 You add 3/4 teaspoon of baking powder and 1/2  teaspoon apple cider vinegar and whatever fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts, herbs, etc you like and bake into a loaf, pizza crusts, buns, veggie focaccia, or whatever your heart desires. More instructions are available…

Please email your orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com with the subject heading preorder.

Have a nice Saturday evening and Sunday!


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