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Next Week’s Menu April 6, 2018

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IMG_0919.JPGHello and good Thursday evening!

We are hitting that amazing time of year when produce starts to pop up in the fields and we are lucky enough to find a collection of dedicated farmers in lovely downtown Boulder ready to sell it to us. Yep, the market starts this weekend and it perfectly coincides with my new concept of meal starters to which you can add your own seasonal fresh produce to create amazing nourishing homemade meals just how you like them. This week you’ll find veggie pancake and red lentil crepe batters, quiche and naan batters, saag starter (local spinach is abundant in Spring!), golden smoothie add-in and so much more. As the local produce scene ramps up, I’ll be happy to make creations and suggestions to help you make best use of your CSA shares or Farmers’ Market or farmstead purchases. For this week, you can find the menu here and look below for some suggested combinations and specials for this week…

  • Sprouted Za’atar hummus wrapped up in naan with spring greens and spring onions, then drizzled with lemon tahini…or spread onto a pizza crust and topped with spinach and toasted shallots
  • Golden Smoothie Starter~the weather report says it’s going to be in the 70s next week, which is warm enough for a smoothie in my book! Why not have one with added anti-inflammatory benefits? Grab some bananas, let them get good and ripe, then freeze them so you are ready for golden smoothies next week! All you have to do is add the starter to 1 cup water + 1 cup ice + a frozen banana and blend it to smooth, creamy goodness.
  • Quiche with Spinach and Spring Onions with a Carrot Crust Shred up some carrots, toss them in olive oil and spread them on the bottom of your pan, then chop up some fresh market produce and stir into your quiche batter. Bake until it’s firm in the middle and enjoy it straight out of the oven, maybe with a schemer of fermented cashew cream cheese…
  • Mini Olive Oil Cakes this is an experiment I am looking forward to! Muffin sized cakes made from sprouted quinoa and olive oil instead of the usual coconut oil; sweetened with dates and coconut sugar and accented with a hint of citrus.
  • Morning Glory Bars because everyone needs a stash of healthy grab and go snacks. These are chewy granola bars made from sprouted buckwheat and carrots, sweetened with dates, and stuffed with sprouted seeds and coconut.

Please read through the directions on the order page regarding payment. Cash is always preferred, but I am happy to accept checks or payments via Zelle using my mobile number 303-931-8357. Please remember a bag to haul your stash home, and please bring your wide mouth pint, 8-oz, and 12-oz jars back to support zero waste!


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