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Menu for next week April 2, 2018

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IMG_1022Hello! Happy Spring! Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy Aprils Fools’ Day! Happy Sunday! Happy day! Whatever you do or don’t celebrate, I hope you have enjoyed this day in all its Spring splendor!

I have posted updates to the menu for this week and you can find it here. Since it’s coming to you with short notice for ordering, I shall remind you that you can always place your orders ahead of my emails (and I see that a few of your have); the menu isn’t going to change much week-to-week so you’ll always have a pretty good idea of what’s offered. You can always add on to your order if I add something new and delicious after you place your initial order.

A few special things on the menu for this week:

  • Blueberry Figgy Bars – in addition to the raw fig bars that have been a staple for a while, I had to play around with this recipe for some Newtonesque cookies that someone brought to a Passover Seder I attended on Friday. I was so intrigued by this recipe, I had to try a version for myself. Honestly, I never would have thought this ingredient combo would work, but it does so I want to share it with you. The crust is made primarily from white sweet potato and there is no binder (other than coconut flour) or leavener; and certainly no funky ingredients. The original recipe is here, but I made a few changes including adding some dates and vanilla to the crust, so mine are much darker.
  • More saag, yum!
  • Red Lentil Crepe/dosa batter
  • A new batch of carob fudge brownies
  • The burgers are sprouted black bean

Another reminder; please remember to return jars. It’s important to me to operate with the smallest footprint possible. Since I am no longer using quart or half gallon jars (not freezer safe), this week will be the last week to return these sizes. I’ll continue to take and use the wide mouth 4-oz, 8-oz/half pint, 12-oz, and pint jars.

And another reminder: please remember to bring a bag with you when you pick up your order. If I’m home I’m happy to offer up any boxes or bags I have lying around, but in case I don’t have any or you don’t catch me, having a bag to help carry your items safely will be helpful to you. I would optimally like to avoid having you take the plastic bins I use to arrange the orders, but if you must, please return within a few days so I’ll have them for the next week.

That’s all for now. Get muddy, stay on the trail, be happy, enjoy Spring!


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