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Order reminder April 29, 2018

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Good morning! Did you make the market yesterday? Whether you did or you shop elsewhere for the week, click here to see a menu full of options to put those veggies to use!

Please send your orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com today (midnight tonight at the latest). If you plan to pick up Thursday or beyond, it’s best to let me know with your order. Also if you are new to this process, it’s not a terrible idea to remind me that you need the pick up address;)

Enjoy your Sunday!


Kitchari Cleansing? Pre-order menu for next week… April 26, 2018

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It’s cake central around here and such fun! Did you know that for muffins, roulades, and cakes, you are welcome to specify the level of sweetness. Sprouted buckwheat varieties can be made sweetened only with fruit and sprouted quinoa varieties are delicious at 1/2 sweetness, meaning half the dates and half the coconut sugar. Regularly-sweetened muffins/roulades/cake slice (1/8 of the cake which is a huge piece) have about 8g sugar each in the form of coconut sugar and another 4g in the form of pureed date, plus any fruit/filling/frosting which is always fruit-sweetened. For reference, a typical muffin out in the world can have 35-45 grams of added sugar (not including any real fruit that’s included), and a typical slice of cake has 55-65 grams of added sugar. Recommended daily intake of added sugars is 24 grams for a woman and 36 grams for a man.

On a more savory note, I’m offering kitchari on the menu from now on. The catch is that there is a 3 (half gallon) jar minimum. The idea is that you can use it for a 4-day kitchari cleanse (or a 5 day if you order 4 jars), or you can get together with a group of friends to meet the minimum. It’s the only way it makes sense for me to make it without being on a permanent kitchari cleanse myself;). Sometimes there will be extras from the special orders and I’ll always be sure to post in that case. I will be cooking another batch of kitchari this week for pick up on Friday, so let me know asap if you’d like to purchase a jar. Since I’m already making it, you are welcome to order by the pint, quart, or half gallon.

Here’s the link to the menu for this week. Please remember to email your orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com by Sunday evening for pick up starting next Wednesday at 4pm (anytime after that on Wednesday is fine, or you can let me know you’d like to pick up a different day). If you want to try to arrange earlier pick up on Wednesday, it’s often possible but it’s best to let me know when you please your order. I’m pretty busy Tuesday and especially Wednesday getting everything together so ideally you’ll let me know your needs before then.

Please remember to return your jars, and it’s also helpful to bring a bag to haul your loot! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Order Reminder April 22, 2018

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IMG_0823Hello and good morning!

Just a friendly reminder to please get orders in today (before midnight) for pick up this week. You can see all the details here. Please email orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com.

I mentioned in the last email that I’m interested in starting a product line. In case you are curious about that, I’ve listed an initial summary of what I’m looking for in terms of partnership as well as outlined the main features of the line here.

Have a fabulous Sunday!


Foundations…on the menu next week April 21, 2018

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Good evening!

The menu is up for next week; please view it here and place your orders for next week by Sunday evening. Orders can be emailed to juliahellerman@gmail.com with subject heading preorder + your name. I do the soaking early Monday morning, so especially for baked goods, it’s important to get your orders in on time to ensure getting what you want!

You’ll find payment instructions on the menu page; I accept payment in the form of cash, check, or online via Zelle using my mobile number 303-931-8357.

I’m really excited to be slowly moving toward starting a product line that supports and inspires cooking at home. I know how hard it is to get food on the table when there are so many other things to do. My personal experience is that having some kind of foundation makes it a lot easier to get a healthy and delicious meal on the table. Even having a plan is a huge help, but having some component of the meal already prepared is even better. Things like quiche batter and veggie pancake batters, to which you just add veggies and bake, or red lentil coconut curry add-in that turns simple cooked lentils (or other beans) and veggies into a delicious and hearty stew. Golden smoothie mix takes the fuss out of a fussy smoothie by offering activated turmeric, sprouted almond milk, spices and fresh ginger all in one little packet that just needs a frozen banana, water, and ice, plus a blender, to transform it into something amazing. New this week are sprouted buckwheat or quinoa muffin batters so you can make your own muffins, tortes, or roulades at home. If you missed it last week, sourdough bread batters are also on the menu for all you bakers out there who have expressed interest in making bread on your own. I plan to integrate the cookbook into the product line so you can make and freeze your own foundations to have on hand, or you can purchase them ready made in a pinch or if that is your preference.

Ingredients and instructions are listed here and I am trying to continually improve them based on the feedback I receive from you. I want to make it easy, fun, grounding and relaxing to be in the kitchen and preparing food with love and your own two hands.

Don’t forget about the Farmers’ Market – rain (or snow) or shine the farmers will be out there!

Have a great weekend!


Order Reminder April 15, 2018

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IMG_1066Hello my friends! I hope you are enjoying this lovely weekend in Boulder or wherever you are!

A friendly reminder here to place your orders by Sunday evening for pick ups starting this Wednesday after 4pm. If you want to pick up Thursday, Friday, or beyond, please let me know so I don’t put your order out for you on Wednesday. You will find the menu for this week here.

Please remember to return your jars, either when you happen to be driving by my house or when you pick up for the next week. Eliminating waste is something to which I am committed and I need your partnership in order to make that happen.

There is plenty more on the weekly menu, but here are some special/new items for this week:

  • Strawberry and Local Peach Streusel Bars $4/ea
  • Chai biscotti (made from sprouted buckwheat) $2/ea made from sprouted buckwheat muffin batter baked like a jelly roll, sliced, then baked again for a crisper cookie to dip into milk, coffee, chai, etc.
  • Cashew Milk $6.75/12-oz jar date sweetened
  • Carob Cashew Milk $7.25/12-oz jar date sweetened
  • ***NEW***Sourdough Batter $7.50 You add 3/4 teaspoon of baking powder and 1/2  teaspoon apple cider vinegar and whatever fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts, herbs, etc you like and bake into a loaf, pizza crusts, buns, veggie focaccia, or whatever your heart desires. More instructions are available…

Please email your orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com with the subject heading preorder.

Have a nice Saturday evening and Sunday!


Next Week’s Menu April 6, 2018

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IMG_0919.JPGHello and good Thursday evening!

We are hitting that amazing time of year when produce starts to pop up in the fields and we are lucky enough to find a collection of dedicated farmers in lovely downtown Boulder ready to sell it to us. Yep, the market starts this weekend and it perfectly coincides with my new concept of meal starters to which you can add your own seasonal fresh produce to create amazing nourishing homemade meals just how you like them. This week you’ll find veggie pancake and red lentil crepe batters, quiche and naan batters, saag starter (local spinach is abundant in Spring!), golden smoothie add-in and so much more. As the local produce scene ramps up, I’ll be happy to make creations and suggestions to help you make best use of your CSA shares or Farmers’ Market or farmstead purchases. For this week, you can find the menu here and look below for some suggested combinations and specials for this week…

  • Sprouted Za’atar hummus wrapped up in naan with spring greens and spring onions, then drizzled with lemon tahini…or spread onto a pizza crust and topped with spinach and toasted shallots
  • Golden Smoothie Starter~the weather report says it’s going to be in the 70s next week, which is warm enough for a smoothie in my book! Why not have one with added anti-inflammatory benefits? Grab some bananas, let them get good and ripe, then freeze them so you are ready for golden smoothies next week! All you have to do is add the starter to 1 cup water + 1 cup ice + a frozen banana and blend it to smooth, creamy goodness.
  • Quiche with Spinach and Spring Onions with a Carrot Crust Shred up some carrots, toss them in olive oil and spread them on the bottom of your pan, then chop up some fresh market produce and stir into your quiche batter. Bake until it’s firm in the middle and enjoy it straight out of the oven, maybe with a schemer of fermented cashew cream cheese…
  • Mini Olive Oil Cakes this is an experiment I am looking forward to! Muffin sized cakes made from sprouted quinoa and olive oil instead of the usual coconut oil; sweetened with dates and coconut sugar and accented with a hint of citrus.
  • Morning Glory Bars because everyone needs a stash of healthy grab and go snacks. These are chewy granola bars made from sprouted buckwheat and carrots, sweetened with dates, and stuffed with sprouted seeds and coconut.

Please read through the directions on the order page regarding payment. Cash is always preferred, but I am happy to accept checks or payments via Zelle using my mobile number 303-931-8357. Please remember a bag to haul your stash home, and please bring your wide mouth pint, 8-oz, and 12-oz jars back to support zero waste!


Menu for next week April 2, 2018

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IMG_1022Hello! Happy Spring! Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy Aprils Fools’ Day! Happy Sunday! Happy day! Whatever you do or don’t celebrate, I hope you have enjoyed this day in all its Spring splendor!

I have posted updates to the menu for this week and you can find it here. Since it’s coming to you with short notice for ordering, I shall remind you that you can always place your orders ahead of my emails (and I see that a few of your have); the menu isn’t going to change much week-to-week so you’ll always have a pretty good idea of what’s offered. You can always add on to your order if I add something new and delicious after you place your initial order.

A few special things on the menu for this week:

  • Blueberry Figgy Bars – in addition to the raw fig bars that have been a staple for a while, I had to play around with this recipe for some Newtonesque cookies that someone brought to a Passover Seder I attended on Friday. I was so intrigued by this recipe, I had to try a version for myself. Honestly, I never would have thought this ingredient combo would work, but it does so I want to share it with you. The crust is made primarily from white sweet potato and there is no binder (other than coconut flour) or leavener; and certainly no funky ingredients. The original recipe is here, but I made a few changes including adding some dates and vanilla to the crust, so mine are much darker.
  • More saag, yum!
  • Red Lentil Crepe/dosa batter
  • A new batch of carob fudge brownies
  • The burgers are sprouted black bean

Another reminder; please remember to return jars. It’s important to me to operate with the smallest footprint possible. Since I am no longer using quart or half gallon jars (not freezer safe), this week will be the last week to return these sizes. I’ll continue to take and use the wide mouth 4-oz, 8-oz/half pint, 12-oz, and pint jars.

And another reminder: please remember to bring a bag with you when you pick up your order. If I’m home I’m happy to offer up any boxes or bags I have lying around, but in case I don’t have any or you don’t catch me, having a bag to help carry your items safely will be helpful to you. I would optimally like to avoid having you take the plastic bins I use to arrange the orders, but if you must, please return within a few days so I’ll have them for the next week.

That’s all for now. Get muddy, stay on the trail, be happy, enjoy Spring!