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The menu! Staples and meal starters, plus bakery goodness. March 9, 2018

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Hello and good Friday afternoon!

I hope this beautiful day is treating you well so far and you are looking forward to a weekend full of whatever is good for you.

I have posted the menu for next week and you can view it here. You’ll notice that in addition to the bakery offerings (including fig-filled cinnamon roulades and raw banana bread bars this week), there is a whole section of meal starters and embellishments, which are intended to offer you the inspiration and foundation for to prepare your own meals and healthy snacks. This includes batters, sauces, condiments, and some take and bake items. You’ll just add a few of your own ingredients (different for each option) and, if you choose, your own creativity. For example, there is a red lentil coconut curry add-in, to which you’ll add cooked beans and veggies to make a delicious, nourishing, and satisfying stew. You can find instructions and ideas for how to use these and other staples here, and I know that once you’ve done them my way a few times, you’ll come up with your own tweaks that make them so that you love them even more. Or not; either way is good!

Most of these items will come frozen so that they stay safe and fresh until you are ready to use them, at which time you’ll just defrost them in the fridge. I think you’ll love the economy of these freezer staples over fully prepared food and that once you have a foundation for your meal planning, it will get a lot easier! Once that happens, it will open the doors wide for more creativity, motivation, and joy in the kitchen.

Why am I doing this? Since I’ve closed the kitchen in North Boulder, I have been struggling with meal preparation because I no longer have all those little boosts like sauces, premade batters, etc. at my fingertips. Starting from scratch can be overwhelming and exhausting when I am busy with other obligations and I’ve become a bit inefficient and stagnant in my own kitchen during busy weeks. I’m not eating as well, because sometimes I don’t have time to put together a proper meal and sit down to it. And my kids; well don’t even get me started on how much effort they are (or are not) willing to put into food preparation when they get home from school. I will personally benefit from having a stocked freezer for my family and I plan to make all of the above even if you don’t order them, because I know it will make my life a whole lot easier. I’ll also keep back up frozen stock of roasted veggies, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, cooked sprouted beans, etc to make things really easy for myself and you might want to consider the same! I figure if this is an issue for me and I love being in the kitchen, it might help you all out too! If it works out, who knows? Maybe this is a product line in the making…

I won’t clutter your email inbox with it, but suspect I’ll be talking a lot about this on instagram and facebook, so like/follow if you are interested. Or, would you be interested in getting this info on the blog or a separate blog? I will be adding different things too. Right now I’m considering adding sourdough bread batters and muffin batters to the mix, but what else would you like to see? Be as specific as possible as I am looking at what’s missing in my list of favorite recipes for the cookbook and I love getting suggestions.


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