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Order Reminder and Cooking Class Requests March 2, 2018

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Hello and Good Friday morning to you!

Here is a reminder to please place your orders for pick up starting Wednesday at 4pm. Here’s the menu. Please place your orders by end of day Sunday; the sooner I’ll do the soaking Monday morning at the latest! You’ll find the usual bakery menu, with the addition for the coming week of chewy sprouted buckwheat pepita granola bars, carob banana fudge bites, and golden smoothie add in. Also, it will be the first Wednesday of March, which means kitchari!

I am hearing that people are really interested in classes, which is awesome because I really want to teach and co-create with you; cooking is a foundational part of being human and one that we need to hold on to and cherish so it doesn’t get completely taken over by machines!

I don’t have any open-to-the-public classes on the schedule quite yet, but if you want to get a group together while I get that organized, absolutely let me know and we can plan it! I will be teaching in my home kitchen (which is very unfancy, by the way, and I like to teach a casual, intimate class), or could potentially teach in other homes. Typically, I teach interactive demo classes and then we can optionally sit down together to enjoy what we’ve created. You’ll come away with a few great recipes that and a taste of inspiration that will hopefully keep the creative juices flowing. Everything we cook will be vegan and gluten free, but the concepts absolutely apply to your cooking regardless of what type of diet you enjoy.

For my house, a group of 8 is ideal for most classes, though for some topics that might be more hands on, we can break into 2 groups and potentially do 12-16. Pricing is generally $55-65 per person, though may be less or more depending on the length of the class, topic, and whether we will have a meal together at the end. In terms of topics, I would ask you to share what you want to learn and then set up a class based on that information. There are sooo many options, including:

  • Finding Your Joy in Cooking would entail learning what holds you back from enjoying food preparation and finding ways to align with your inner creative culinary self
  • Sustainable Kitchen
  • Sprouting Basics
  • Fitting Cooking Into Your Life – Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer Staples
  • Flavor and Balance – making food amazing to your taste (focus on sauces and condiments/Ayurvedic 6 tastes)
  • Healthy On The Go Foods
  • Single Recipe or Genre Classes such as burgers, sourdough bread baking, Cashew Cream Cheese, kitchari, veggie pancakes, a particular dessert, etc.
  • Nutrient Dense Baking with sprouted grains
  • Traditional Breakfast Foods With a Twist
  • Raw Treats
  • “Fritters” – Veggie Pancakes, Dosas, and Quiche (from scratch or with pre-made batters)
  • A plethora of other options depending on what would make your life in the kitchen a happier one! Let me know what you need and we’ll make a custom class just for you!

Have a wonderful weekend!


5 Responses to “Order Reminder and Cooking Class Requests”

  1. Claudia Becque Says:

    Thank you Julia! I’d love to be a part of a cooking class. I’m definitely interested in learning how to make the raw treats, fritters, and breakfast “on the go” type meals.

  2. Bob Lucas Says:

    Julia: BJ and I are interested in classes but coming from Aurora will not likely be putting together a group. Perhaps you could keep us in mind to join group(s) that need rounding out, either one or both of us. Our interest is wide but especially Genre related, such as burgers, sourdough, fritters, etc, and sprouting and nutrient dense baking. Also I wonder if you are still planning to put together a cookbook. I hope you do not let that go. Even a self published simple collection of recipes would surely have a wide local response. Thanks, Bob Lucas

    • adaba Says:

      Hi Bob! I’ll definitely announce on the blog and social media when I have space in classes. And, yes I am still planning to write a cookbook. I’m just in the organizing stage now. I hope
      You both are well!

  3. Liangyeh Tai Says:

    Julia! I don’t have a group but I would be very interested in joining your cooking class, so will my 8-year old daughter if that’s an option. Please keep me posted when you almost have a group and need 2 more. The way to contact me is via my website contact. http://www.liangyehmusic.com. Big hugs.

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