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Kitchen complete…for now! Preorders for this week February 4, 2018

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Hello and happy snowy Sunday!

I have moved into my basement kitchen and have given it a successful (small) test run, so it’s time to put out a preorder menu and see how it is goes! I still have some equipment that needs to be installed, and also need to look into how to make some of my products legally at home (perhaps a club of some sort, by donation? not sure yet), but I do have some favorites available in addition to a full bakery selection. Pick up will start Wednesday at 4pm and you are welcome to pick up anytime thereafter. If you won’t pick up Wednesday, please specify which day you plan to come so I can keep your food at proper temperature.

Please take a look at the instructions on the menu page, and also note that this will be a work in progress in terms of logistics for the next few weeks or so. Payment options are cash, check, or Zelle, which is an online payment system for right now. I’ll have a secure drop box for cash and checks, and also scrap paper, pens, and paperclips so you can note for whom and what you are paying, including the return of any jars which you’ll deduct from your total.

I’ll be setting up a more consistent baking schedule in the next week or two, and I’m sure tweaking it from there. I expect I’ll make kitchari once a month, unless I have a group who wants to order weekly or every other week. I have it on the menu for this week, so I’m thinking the first Wednesday of every month. For bread, I’ll group orders by regular chia flax, buckwheat only, and sugar free breads which are made with the chia flax batter with coconut sugar omitted, and include sf chia flax loaves, onion-herb loaves, focaccia, mini focaccia, buns, and crusts. The rest of the schedule will be build based on demand, so stay tuned as I take orders and see what you all really want.

Enjoy your afternoon!



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