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This week… January 22, 2018

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Good morning my friends! For those who missed my note last week, I am in the process of moving my bakery equipment. I do plan to post a menu for pick up this week, but I want to see my oven up and running before I confirm it and state a pick up day. It very well may still be Wednesday, but it’s possible I’ll have to push it back. If you are ok with that uncertainty, you can feel free to make your bakery requests and I’ll let you know when I can fulfill them. In terms of the regular weekly preorder menu, here are some things you may see when I do post it…


Cream of broccoli soup


Veggie pancakes

Cashew cream cheese

Savory millet muffins

Carrot cake torte with cashew cream cheese frosting

More soon! Have a great day!


One Response to “This week…”

  1. Jacqueline Muller Says:

    Hi Julia Good luck with the move! Would love 1/2 gallon cream of broccoli soup 2 millet muffins Chia sourdough if you are making it 1 qt Veggie pancake batter if you have it Thank you, Jacqueline Sent from my iPhone


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