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Extras for pick up… January 10, 2018

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Hello! Good morning by the time you ready this…

There are extras for pick up today, listed below. I’m not yet sure what the schedule will be for next week, as I’m feeling ready to move the equipment I’m keeping home and open up my home kitchen. Likely, I will make some preparations as I’m able and post what is underway on Sunday; then it will be available as long as it lasts. I’ll keep you posted. You can also feel free to make requests to inspire me!

Pick up is today (Wednesday) 1-4pm. I can bring things home for more flexible pick up after that.

  • Sprouted lentil and Millet veggie burgers

(A very good batch if I do say so)

  • Veggie pancakes (extras will be available after 2pm)
  • local squash Pepita sprouted buckwheat mini focaccia-as stayed or with raisins. Available by the 1/2 dozen or by the each.
  • Broken chocolate chip cookies-these are FREE! Still nice and soft…
  • Sprouted sourdough pizza crusts
  • Sausage pizza by the slice
  • Millet cakes
  • All the usual me bite treats
  • Kitchari quart
  • Day young Sprouted sourdough buns – FREE!
  • Raw sprouted buckwheat granola
  • Lemon ginger veggies or bowl

I think that’s it for now. Happy Wednesday!


One Response to “Extras for pick up…”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I’ll be by – wanting more lentil pancakes and sprouted bread/rolls!

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