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Preorder Menu for January 10th pick up 1pm-1pm January 5, 2018

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Happy January. I hope you have had an easy transition back to daily life after the holidays, or you are ready to do so if that comes next week for you!

I’ve posted a menu for preorders for next week, to be picked up Wednesday January 10th between 1-4 at the shop. If you need to pick up in the evening, please let me know and we can arrange an alternative. You can view it here. I would appreciate orders coming in by Sunday at noon!

Have a nice weekend!


One Response to “Preorder Menu for January 10th pick up 1pm-1pm”

  1. jhoulding Says:

    Hi Julia,

    I’d like an order of pizza crusts, two fennel loaves.

    Do you still create adaba bars??

    I can pick up Wed. between 1 and 4.

    Judith Houlding 1140 Linden Ave. 303-817-4424


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