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Happy December! Extras available for tomorrow pick up and schedule through December December 19, 2017

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Good evening!

There is no regular preorder menu for this week, but there will be some extras from catering orders tomorrow; pick up time is 5pm or I can bring things home to be picked up later in the evening (on the Hill/near Chautauqua)…quantities are limited so please ask me to set aside anything you have your heart set upon.

  • Kitchari $15/qt
  • Red lentil veggie pancakes $5/4-pk
  • Sausage pizza $10.25 (must be ordered by 10am Tuesday)
  • Sprouted chickpea veggie burgers $16/4-pk
  • Chocolate chip cookies, baked or take and bake $1/ea
  • Possibly savory millet muffins-up let you know!

In the freezer:

  • Lemon tahini dressing $5
  • Tiramisu $4
  • Cashew cream cheese 16-oz (frozen) $22
  • Gingerbread cake with cashew cream cheese frosting $4.75
  • Hummus – pint $10

The week between Christmas and New Years is notoriously slow at Julia’s Kitchen so I probably won’t do a regular menu until after the new year. However, if you would like to order some food in the meantime, please make a request!

I wish you and all the world peace, happiness, and most of all generosity of spirit in these dark Winter days.


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