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Last Regular Pick up before the holidays! Order by Sunday NOON for pick up Wednesday noon-3 or Thursday 4-7; Local Artisan Market Thursday 4-7 December 8, 2017

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Good evening friends!

Wow, if you look at a calendar, you might notice that time is flying! This is the last pre order menu until the last week of December, so stock up now! There are some yummy holiday-themed offerings like squash pepita and cranberry walnut sourdough breads, as well as savory millet muffins and caramel walnut buckwheat roulades. It’s the perfect time to buy batters to freeze so you have healthy staples to finish your year off strong.

If you were hoping for something closer to the holidays, please speak to me directly (via email is fine) to make requests; I’ll be taking catering/special request orders to be picked up December 19th, but I’ll need to plan ahead. Let’s talk!

For this coming week, please please please get your orders in as soon as you are able, by noon on Sunday for pick up Wednesday December 13th noon-3pm or Thursday Dec 14th 4-7pm, when you can also check out the Local Artisan Market taking place at the shop! Please email orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com.

I am still working out what I’ll have available during the artisan market next Thursday, so stay tuned! Hopefully I’ll know by the reminder email on Sunday.

Have a wonderful night!


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