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Pick ups for next week, and Artisan Market December 14th December 1, 2017

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Good morning! Happy Friday! Who else is waiting with baited breath and wondering when Winter will start to show up??

In the meantime, I’m still reminiscing…remembering the old place, the bakery case, and the waffles!! Yum! I wish I could make my cast iron waffle maker for for these, because I miss them!

The menu for next week is posted here. Don’t forget the bakery menu too, and that you can find the ingredients for most dishes listed here. Orders must be in by Sunday at 10pm, but the sooner the much better, do don’t delay if you don’t have to! The Wednesday evening pick up is getting a bit tricky for me, so please include your availability for pick up when you order, feel free to include optimal pick up times as well as available pick up times. I’ll post the pick up times on Sunday when I send out a reminder email and will also let you know when I confirm your order. Not to worry, if I announce a pick up time that doesn’t work for you, I’ll let you know that I’ve also planned a special time for you:)

I’m hosting a market on December 14th (Thursday) from 4-7pm for local artisans Millicent Kang (the lovely art that has graced the walls and raised the vibration of both Julia’s Kitchen locations), Emily Andrews (jewelry), Terri Crook (the potter who supplied of gorgeous pottery for Julia’s Kitchen), Terri Miro (vintage leather cuff bracelets), Liz Smith (jewelry), and Herbal Heart Apothecary. I may do some special baking to help you stock up for the holidays, and I’m still taking suggestions! So far, I’m considering the layered lemon turmeric bars, tiramisu, chocolate chip cookies, yule log, 6-layer torte…and still taking suggestions!

Have a fantastic day and weekend; see ya next week!



One Response to “Pick ups for next week, and Artisan Market December 14th”

  1. Laurie Says:

    The dosas and veg filling with the sauces was tremendous! Also, the sour buckwheat rolls are amazing toasted with olive tapanade for breakfast. Thanks so much! Laurie

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