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Menu for Next Week and preview for Thanksgiving, plus news. And jars please! November 10, 2017

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Good morning and happy Friday!

Here is the menu for next week. Please place orders by Sunday at 10pm; but the sooner the better. You can also see a preview for the Thanksgiving menu, which I plan to finalize by the time I send out an order reminder on Sunday. FYI, the bakery items on the regular menu are just a rotating sampling of featured options and I try to offer them by the serving so that you can try different things. However, the full bakery menu is always available and you are always welcome to ask for larger quantities of the featured items, such as a full cake, etc. Pricing will usually be less per serving if you order a full batch or larger quantity of something.

I would so so so appreciate the return of some jars! Please arrange with me if you have jars and can’t make it to drop them off during preorder pick up hours. There are plenty of other options and I’m happy to make it convenient for you. Do it for the Earth and future generations!

And, so here is the news. Julia’s Kitchen will be open until the end of January and then I will be closing these doors permanently. I still believe in this vision wholeheartedly. I believe that food choices have a huge impact on the state of the Earth and the beings that reside here and there are still many people who need to be empowered on this front. Small business are the heart and soul of our economy and have an important role in our communities, as well as an opportunity to make a statement, or statements, everyday which help people see things differently. I do not know what new doors will open, but I Know that they will.

I wanted you to know now, but I hope you’ll stick around to take advantage of all that Julia’s Kitchen continues to offer through January, and then whatever comes after. Otherwise, I would really miss you!

Have a fabulous weekend and I will see some of you next week! Julia


2 Responses to “Menu for Next Week and preview for Thanksgiving, plus news. And jars please!”

  1. lawilliamshall@comcast.net Says:


    Oh my goodness, I am sorry to hear! How will I get by without the delicious lentil cakes, wraps and bread??

    Will you be teaching any more?

    Yesterday I was thinking how wonderful it would be to have your stuff at Luckies – i’ts really changed what I want to eat.

    So much luck and light to you! Please keep us all posted.


    • adaba Says:

      I don’t quite know yet what I’ll do from here, but a regional product line is definitely one compelling option. I’ll keep my eyes open for another kitchen space. In the meantime, I’ll continue to do at least some baking and other things that I’m able do do from home through the cottage food act. I still feel like I have plenty of work to do and people to impact!

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