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Old Favs for preorder next week; stock up for a week off! Don’t forget your jars! October 12, 2017

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Good morning, my friends!

The menu for next week is posted here, and it’s full of old favorites! Don’t forget to check the bakery and drink menu

as well; this menu stays consistent and is available every week. NOTE: I’ll be taking a week off preorders the following week (Oct 23rd week) due to catering for a weekend event, so stock up this coming week!

Your feedback is valuable and appreciated! It’s great for me to know when you especially like something and you can tell me directly or by making a special request. I can’t always honor special requests right away on top of the current posted menu, but when I can’t fulfill them immediately, I usually get them on the menu within the next couple of weeks. Plus, your requests tell me what’s enjoyed and what needs a break (or to get dropped), so they are super helpful for me to hear.

Want to avoid taking home my jars? Great – that’s actually the best way to support my zero waste mission. However, I need to know ahead of time if you don’t want me to package something up. Otherwise, we end up wasting water by washing out jars unnecessarily and it ends up being inefficient both with time and resources. Just let me know, or remind me, when you place your order.

There are lot of yummy things in the grab and go, including both mung dahl and berbere red lentil veggie pancakes, cashew cream cheese, cream of broccoli soup, apple muffins, sprouted raw cereal, millet muffins, sweet potato, kale and red onion with lemon ginger sauce, curried potatoes and kale, and more. Come and get it from noon-3!

Have a fabulous day and don’t forget to get your orders in – remember to stock up! It’s the perfect time to grab some batters to play with…

Be well and create peace. Julia


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