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Order by Sunday at 10pm for pick up Wednesday 4-7 and Thursday noon-3pm; plus extras for pick up today October 5, 2017

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Good morning!

I hope your week has been good and you are enjoying the beginning of Fall colors here in Boulder!

The menu for this week is posted here; plus the bakery menu is here. And don’t forget you can find ingredients for the items most common to the rotation here. Please email your orders to juliahellerman@gmail.com with the subject heading: PREORDER-YOUR NAME

As always, there are extras in the grab and go for pick up today during the preorder pick up window; here’s what I have:

  • red lentil veggie pancakes (with roasted local sweet potatoes inside) no onion or garlic
  • red lentil and local butternut squash soup
  • miso mustard vegetables no onion or garlic; delicious in the red lentil soup if you prefer texture to puree
  • cauliflower and local zucchini (the last of it!) quiche
  • roasted sweet potatoes (local mixed with non-local) no onion or garlic; toast them up to make “croutons” to top a soup or salad
  • germinated brown basmati rice
  • fermented cashew cream cheese no onion or garlic
  • fermented cashew raita no onion or garlic
  • cinnamon raisin bread (chia flax batter)
  • cinnamon raisin bread (buckwheat squash batter)
  • mini veggie focaccia with cashew cream cheese baked on, or without no garlic, sugar free
  • Sprouted buckwheat local peach ginger raw cereal

Please remember to return your jars as the deposit policy will change after tomorrow. If my pick up times don’t work for you, just contact me directly at juliahellerman@gmail.com and we can arrange a more flexible drop off/exchange.



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