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Menu for the week of September 11th; order by Sunday 10pm and pick up Wednesday 1pm-7pm September 8, 2017

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Here is the menu for this week.

Please note that I have consolidated pick up to one long day, rather than two short ones as this seems to be more convenient for people. You can arrange something different with me if needed, and keep an eye on social media for extras!

Please send orders via email to juliahellerman@gmail.com by Sunday at 10pm for pick up Wednesday 1pm-7pm.

Have a fantastic weekend! I know I'm sending lots of energy right now to Houston, the Islands in the Caribbean already hit by Irma, Florida, and the many places where wildfires are burning. Clearly our dear Mother Earth is telling us in no uncertain terms that it's time to change our behavior. She's given us so much, she deserves to be honored. Lucky for us, I'm quite convinced that the changes needing to be made will have the added bonus of bringing us together and reminding us of what is really important and good about being human.

Sending lots of love everywhere…



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