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Next week’s menu and order/pick up changes, POLL: PICK UP HOURS/DAY PREFERENCES, and jars please:) September 1, 2017

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Good evening! I hope you had a fabulous day and are looking forward to a fun and/or relaxing long weekend!

The menu for this week is ready for you; please note that order and pick up times have changed. Please place your orders by Sunday evening at 10pm for pick up on Wednesday from 1pm-7pm. I am looking for feedback regarding the best times for pick up; if you are a preorderer, or you would like to be a preorderer, please let me know your dream schedule. Click here to view the menu for next week, and perhaps getting your order in before the weekend is a good idea!

Please return jars if you have them. We are just about out for next week and I'd love to avoid ANOTHER trip to Mcguckins! If you need more flexibility, just let me know and we'll arrange for you to drop them off on my front porch and pick up your deposits at the same time. On that note, if you break a jar, please do not go out and purchase one to replace it. It will cost you just as much money and, since I buy them by the case, it's ultimately more efficient for me to replace them when needed. Plus, it's really a pain for us to get those stickers off!

Have a great weekend! Be nice to others, especially those you don't know….be happy….be good to the Earth….know that every action you take does make a difference (even if it's small, there are a lot of us, so together the change is BIG)…stand up for others every chance you get…







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