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NOTE CHANGE FOR NEXT WEEK: order by MONDAY AT 8PM for pick up THURSDAY NOON-3PM; EXTRAS available; and HELP WANTED August 11, 2017

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I hope you have enjoyed this lovely and unusual reprieve from Summer heat!

ONE WEEK ONLY; SCHEDULE CHANGE: Please place orders by Monday at 8pm for pick up Thursday noon-3pm. If you can't make a daytime pick up, please let me know and we can arrange something that does work. You can view the menu for August 17th pick up here. I've also copied it below. Please note that regular staples are different this week, so take a good look at the menu!

There are also some leftovers from this week and some frozen items available in limited amounts in case you need something to tide you over until next week, or until some of the regular staples like veggie pancakes and burgers come back in a couple weeks. Just let me know and we'll coordinate pick up Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

  • vanilla cake with raspberry filling and berry-cashew frosting $4.75/slice
  • cinnamon raisin sprouted buckwheat focaccia $7
  • sprouted buckwheat fennel sourdough buns $6/4-pk
  • red lentil veggie pancakes $5/jar or $12/12 (frozen)
  • sprouted mung millet veggie burgers $4/ea (frozen)
  • sprouted mung beans $6 (frozen)
  • 1/2 chia flax loaf $5 (frozen)

I am looking for some assistance, so if you or someone you know might be interested, general information is here

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend. See you soon!


  • Soup: Red Lentil Coconut Curry $15/qt
  • Sprouted Lentil Sloppy Joe $15/qt
    • Millet Cakes 4-pk $5
    • sprouted sourdough buns $6/4-pk
  • balsamic drizzle $9/8-oz jar
  • Red Lentil Wraps – you mix and match with your fillings, mine, or both!
    • wraps $6/4-pk
    • cooked seasonal veggie mix $18.50/quart
    • raw veggie mix $15/quart
    • caramelized onion chutney $7.50/8-oz jar
    • fermented cashew cream cheese $11/8-oz jar
    • fermented cashew raita $7.50/8-oz jar
    • sprouted lemon tahini $7.50/8-oz jar
  • Raw Pizza $35/4-pk Comes ready to assemble. Spread each crust with a layer of pesto, and a spoonful of cream cheese then drizzle with balsamic and sprinkle with kale crumbles.
    • 12 raw sprouted buckwheat cracker crusts
    • 4-oz local spinach hempseed pesto
    • 4-oz balsamic drizzle (contains caramelized onion)
    • 4-oz cashew cream cheese
    • 4-oz kale crumbles
  • Raw Lemon Ginger Drops (almond) $1/each



  • caramelized onions $5/8-oz Your secret ingredient for delicious sauces, soups, etc, to top burgers, add to other veggies or sandwiches, etc.
  • roasted beets $5/8-oz jar Salad topper, add balsamic drizzle for a delicious side dish, or just a yummy snack.
  • roasted carrots $5/8-ozjar  Just, yum. In lemon ginger sauce, alone or with other veggies. On a salad. As a snack.
  • shredded carrots $3.50/8-oz jar Salad component, mix with shredded cabbage, balsamic drizzle, and pickled onions for a delicious slaw, stuff into a wrap, burger topping, roast in olive oil and salt for a caramelized carrot hash browns or quiche crust…
  • shredded cabbage $3.50/8-oz jar Add healthy crunch to a salad or wrap, or choose a sauce to make a simple salad.
  • pickled onions $5/8-oz jar Red onions simply quick-pickled in apple cider vinegar, salt, and pepper. Fabulous addition to green salads, bean salads, to top burgers, stuff into wraps. These add a yummy zing to almost anything.


  • Millet Cakes 4-pk $5 Germinated millet that is cooked, then formed into cakes and baked until a crispy coating forms around the soft millet inside. Just millet, evoo, salt, and pepper. No onion or garlic; nightshade free.
  • Sprouted Sourdough Pizza Crusts 4-pk $10 No onion or garlic; nightshade free.
  • Sprouted Sourdough Buns 4-pk $6 No onion or garlic; nightshade free.
  • Naan Batter 12-oz jar $5 Eaten like naan with soup, or as a wrap, this version of “naan” is more like a savory crepe. It’s made from sprouted buckwheat, millet, sprouted flax, evoo, and sea salt. You can vary the consistency to make a more crepe-like naan (thinner batter) to a more spongy, bread-like naan (thicker batter). Cook on a seasoned cast iron skillet or crepe pan at 350 degrees. No onion or garlic; nightshade free.
  • Sprouted sourdough loaves Special request flavors may require purchasing a full batch of 5 loaves.
    • chia flax$10/loaf (buckwheat and millet)  No onion or garlic; nightshade free; contains 1.2 teaspoons coconut sugar/loaf.
    • buckwheat flax $10/loaf buckwheat-only breads have a softer crust and are made without chia seed $10/loaf No onion or garlic; nightshade free containers 1.2 t coconut sugar/loaf.
    • Za’atar focaccia $7 (buckwheat and millet) contains onion; no added sweetener.
    • cinnamon raisin $11/loaf (buckwheat only) No onion or garlic; nightshade free; 1.2 teaspoons coconut sugar/loaf.
    • fennel or fennel and onion $11/loaf (buckwheat only) fennel does not contain onion or garlic and is nightshade free; 1.2 teaspoons coconut sugar/loaf.
  • Mini veggie focaccia $22.50/half dozen May contain onion and/or garlic. 

SAUCES AND CONDIMENTS; never contain sweeteners or fillers – whole foods only:

  • Sprouted Lemon Tahini Dressing $7.50/8-oz jar A creamy, rich dressing made with calcium-rich sprouted sesame seeds, fresh lemon juice, evoo, a touch of garlic, and sometimes a bit of parsley. Contains garlic
  • Balsamic Drizzle $9/8-oz jar A classic, balanced salad dressing, but one that relies on whole foods rather than added sweeteners and stabilizers. Contains onion and garlic
  • Cashew Raita $7.50/8-oz jar  A pourable version of the fermented cashew cream cheese embellished with a seasonal herb or cucumber. A cooling sauce that is equally delicious over curries, in wraps, drizzled into soups, as a dip for veggie pancakes, or as a salad dressing. No onion or garlic
  • Fermented Cashew Cream Cheese $11/8-oz jar You have to taste it to understand. You will not need dairy cream cheese anymore. Cashews are fermented, then blended with fresh lemon, evoo, and salt. No junk, just delicious. No onion or garlic
  • Local Spinach and Basil Hempseed Pesto $5.50/8-oz jar


  • Golden Cashew Milk $16/quart
  • Carob Cashew Milk $16/quart
  • Herbal Chai Tea $7.50/quart $15/half gallon
    • Add coconut milk $5/8-oz jar
  • Golden Smoothie Mix-in 8-oz jar $12 (3 smoothies; blend with 1 frozen banana+1 cup water+1 cup ice per smoothie)
  • Rejuvelac $7/8-oz jar A fermented liquid which can be taken as a drink, or used as a starter for nut cheeses.


Sprouted, lightly sweetened baked goods such as muffins, roulades, and 6-layer tortes rotate weekly, or can be special ordered. There is also a selection of seasonal raw treats available in the grab and go. To place special orders, please see Bakery Menu.

***Note: I would like to reduce and even eliminate waste; there will be a $1.50 jar deposit per jar of any size. Please bring them back clean and with the proper lid for a full refund. We also have reusable stainless steel Green Bowls for sale for $12.50; these are stainless containers that work for just about anything but soup!***


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