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May 24-25 pick up; and what happened to lunch?! May 20, 2017

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Good morning! What a beautiful day with the sun shining and the snowy mountain backdrop.

The menu for this coming week is posted. Find it here and please place your orders by Monday at noon. Please note pick up day/time on your order. Pick up times for this week (these apply to bakery orders too):

  • Wednesday afternoon/evening 4p-7p
  • Thursday noon-3
  • Friday afternoon 4-6
  • other pick up times will be accommodated if possible, by request

For those who are wondering why I’ve stopped serving lunch and switched to this preorder model, I’ll tell you how I got here. Basically I have 2 full time jobs that are both highly entwined with the whims, moods, and energy of others. I am a (co)parent of teenagers, and I run a business. I consider each to be a service and I want to bring my full self to both. For Julia’s Kitchen, that means choosing quality over quantity.

While I love the community aspect of a dine-in establishment, the preorder model is a more efficient, affordable and accessible way to share what I have to offer and what I believe is a service to the community. It allows me avoid waste (both time and food) by making only what is wanted, at a price that’s more affordable than paying for service and made-to-order food, and to be open at times that are accessible and accommodate different schedules.

I don’t know what the future holds and I’m open to many different outcomes. I do have an ad out for a manager position and if I find someone who is inspired to help me take the business in one direction or another and is aligned in terms of integrity, I will be excited for that. If not, we will see! Either way, I hope you will consider preordering and making (or reheating) your own nourishing meals at home, and spread the word.

Have a fabulous weekend and congrats if you are or have a graduate!




One Response to “May 24-25 pick up; and what happened to lunch?!”

  1. aamovement@comcast.net Says:

    Hi Julia!

    I hope you had a great time off. By the way, the black beans from the week before last where phenomenal, cooked to perfection. Last week also so good! Thanks much.

    Order: Sloppy Joe, 8 burgers, 6 buns, 1 sugarless loaf.



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