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Menu for this Week; PREORDERS, GRAB AND GO, BAKERY ONLY May 14, 2017

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Happy Sunday…and happy Mothers’ Day to the mamas!

The menu for this week can be found here…the pick up hours for this week are Wednesday 3p-6p, Thurs and Fri noon-3. Are there other hours that would work better for you and enable you to pick up meals for the week? Changes are coming up…

CHANGE; EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Through mid-June, I will be doing pre-orders, bakery, and grab and go only. I hope you will pre-order or come in for grab and go and bakery! I will be happy to provide instructions on how to put together anything you would normally get from the menu, and ideas for how you might use things like sauces, batters, and mix-ins in your own cooking. I think you’ll love it and I hope to support you in making healthy food a part of your life every day!

Stay tuned for info on a cooking class series…I’m curious if there are people who would be interested in cooking classes in June?


6 Responses to “Menu for this Week; PREORDERS, GRAB AND GO, BAKERY ONLY”

  1. Russell Durham Says:

    I would definitely be interested in cooking classes! I couldn’t do ignored until June 25th, though.

  2. Claudia Becque Says:

    I’d love to attend a June cooking class! Thank you!!

  3. Jacqueline Muller Says:

    Hi Julia Would love to pickup on Wednesday 1/2 gallon lentil soup 1 quart lentil pancake batter 1 loaf bread Thanks, Jacqueline

    Sent from my iPad


  4. I would be interested in cooking classes.

  5. aamovement@comcast.net Says:

    Hi Julia!

    I hope still time.

    Order is 1/2 gallon split soup, 8 burgers, 1 chipotle aioli, 6 sugarless buns and 1 loaf.

    Thanks for all the goodies!

    Much love, Andrea

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