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Preorder Pick Up May 31 and June 1! And more… May 27, 2017

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Good morning. Happy Saturday. I hope you are enjoying the beginning of this weekend transition into early Summer! For most, it means a slowing down, which from what I hear will be welcomed! For me, not quite yet…lots going on for the next three weeks.

This week’s pre-order menu features favorites from the restaurant menu…check it out here!

Pick up days for this week and next are listed below. This week is fairly flexible for me, so other pick up times can be requested and I will certainly accommodate what I can. If you want to get some things to freeze for later, this is the week to do it! The week of June 12th will most likely be an off week. After that, stay tuned. I’m in the process of figuring out whether I will build back into lunch, continue with pre-orders only, or give up my beloved kitchen and take advantage of the cottage food act in my own home kitchen.

  • Wednesday 5/31 4p-7p
  • Thursday 6/1 noon-3
  • Tuesday 6/6 noon-3
  • Wednesday 6/7 4p-7p

See you soon…be well…be happy…be humble…be grateful…Julia


May 24-25 pick up; and what happened to lunch?! May 20, 2017

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Good morning! What a beautiful day with the sun shining and the snowy mountain backdrop.

The menu for this coming week is posted. Find it here and please place your orders by Monday at noon. Please note pick up day/time on your order. Pick up times for this week (these apply to bakery orders too):

  • Wednesday afternoon/evening 4p-7p
  • Thursday noon-3
  • Friday afternoon 4-6
  • other pick up times will be accommodated if possible, by request

For those who are wondering why I’ve stopped serving lunch and switched to this preorder model, I’ll tell you how I got here. Basically I have 2 full time jobs that are both highly entwined with the whims, moods, and energy of others. I am a (co)parent of teenagers, and I run a business. I consider each to be a service and I want to bring my full self to both. For Julia’s Kitchen, that means choosing quality over quantity.

While I love the community aspect of a dine-in establishment, the preorder model is a more efficient, affordable and accessible way to share what I have to offer and what I believe is a service to the community. It allows me avoid waste (both time and food) by making only what is wanted, at a price that’s more affordable than paying for service and made-to-order food, and to be open at times that are accessible and accommodate different schedules.

I don’t know what the future holds and I’m open to many different outcomes. I do have an ad out for a manager position and if I find someone who is inspired to help me take the business in one direction or another and is aligned in terms of integrity, I will be excited for that. If not, we will see! Either way, I hope you will consider preordering and making (or reheating) your own nourishing meals at home, and spread the word.

Have a fabulous weekend and congrats if you are or have a graduate!




Menu for this Week; PREORDERS, GRAB AND GO, BAKERY ONLY May 14, 2017

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Happy Sunday…and happy Mothers’ Day to the mamas!

The menu for this week can be found here…the pick up hours for this week are Wednesday 3p-6p, Thurs and Fri noon-3. Are there other hours that would work better for you and enable you to pick up meals for the week? Changes are coming up…

CHANGE; EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Through mid-June, I will be doing pre-orders, bakery, and grab and go only. I hope you will pre-order or come in for grab and go and bakery! I will be happy to provide instructions on how to put together anything you would normally get from the menu, and ideas for how you might use things like sauces, batters, and mix-ins in your own cooking. I think you’ll love it and I hope to support you in making healthy food a part of your life every day!

Stay tuned for info on a cooking class series…I’m curious if there are people who would be interested in cooking classes in June?


Menu for this week May 8, 2017

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IMG_0429Good evening, my friends.

Since I’m getting the menu for this week out later than usual, I will remind you that the regular staples menu stays pretty consistent; no need to wait for the rotating specials to place orders for the old favorites! Here’s what is on the menu for this week.

And, to clarify for you what’s happening right now…since I’m working solo, I have changed my business model to one that conveniently provides more flexibility, affordability, and accessibility for you. While you can still come in to enjoy a nourishing and delicious, simple lunch Tuesday-Friday from noon-2 (menu rotates daily) and you can choose from the grab and go and fabulous bakery selection as well, I’m shifting the focus to a pre-order model. That means that you can order meals (or meal starter kits, or components of a meal, or bakery items) to eat at home at your leisure. Mix and match anywhere from a meal “starter kit” to a cooked meal. You can choose from a variety of sauces, cooked beans and veggies, baked goods, batters, ready-to-eat foods, and more. Order what you like, add what you like, use it as you like, and enjoy the gifts of cooking in your own kitchen and enjoying a meal in the comfort of your home.

I hope you are getting ready to have a fabulous week!