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Menu for pick up 5/3 and open meeting 4pm Sunday (tomorrow) April 29, 2017

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Good day! I hope you are enjoying a warm, cozy snow day! I’m reminiscing about these delicious carrot cake roulades from yesterday and secretly wishing there had been 1 left for me:)

The menu for the coming week, for pick up starting Wednesday May 3rd, is posted and you can view it here. I usually have a little extra prep help during the off hours, but not for the next 2 weeks, so I encourage you to pre-order if you have specific things you like. If you want to pre-order, but the quantities are too big, let me know.

Also, I am exploring some options for my space and am holding an open meeting tomorrow, Sunday April 30th at 4pm at Julia’s Kitchen. This is to assess interest and to explore different ideas. I plan to keep it to 1 hour.

In summary, I want to keep making nourishing food and can use support there for sure, but need it to be from people who want to be involved long term. I’m happy to continue with “mom hours” if that makes sense, or I’d be happy to expand if I have some other people to lean on. I can also envision working alongside and in cooperation with others who are aligned in integrity, mission, etc, but have something different to offer. Kind of like a creative collective or cooperative. There are so many amazing and talented people in Boulder and I have this great space; maybe this could be a kind of incubator? These are all just initial thoughts and I have many more floating around in my head. My only real goal is to find a way to keep doing what I love and making an offering that I think is important in a way that is balanced and sustainable. If you are interested, please come if you can. If you know someone else who might be, please pass this along.

Enjoy the snow! Julia


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