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April 19th Menu April 16, 2017

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Hello! Happy Passover or Easter or beautiful day!

The menu for pick up this week has been posted here.

To clarify, I am still offering lunch, grab and go and bakery are still available, and the hours of operation remain as they have been: Tuesday-Friday 11am-3pm. In an effort to simplify the lunch service and to make sure the focus can remain on the food, 1-2 main items are generally available plus sides, drinks, bakery items and other yummy incidentals. Sometimes there might be more choice, sometimes less. You can rest assured knowing that whatever is on the menu will be nourishing and delicious, and up to Julia’s Kitchen quality standards which means organic*, sprouted, nutrient-dense, minimally processed, and made with intention to highlight the natural tastes and textures of the ingredients.

If you are particular beyond these standards, I highly recommend pre-ordering so you can have what you want how you want it. You can pre-order full meals, meal components to mix and match with your own, and batters and staples to use as a starting point for your own creations. I think there are many benefits to connecting to your own food in that way and eating in your own home. Of course, pre-ordering also makes management of the kitchen much more efficient, which I personally very much appreciate.

I currently am offering and plan to continue to offer lunch, as I enjoy the connection with you all, and I know that sometimes it’s just nicer and more realistic for you to grab a bite out and focus on the other aspects of your day. I am looking for ways to make this more sustainable and keep the focus on the real need, which is nourishment and a comfortable space to enjoy it. Please be open to changes that might arise.

*regarding organic ingredients, I do periodically choose to use ingredients that are not certified organic. I never make this decision based on cost or even culinary quality (I am more inclined to choose a different ingredient in those cases), but I may do so based on other sustainability factors such as local and responsible but not certified organic, or packaged significantly more responsibly and grown responsibly but not certified organic. Even in those instances, you can count on the vast majority of my ingredients to be organic because even though the system is imperfect, I still believe that it’s making a statement about which direction I want the food system to go, if nothing else.




One Response to “April 19th Menu”

  1. Jacqueline Muller Says:

    Hi Julia Would love to get 1 quart of lentil Pancake batter 1 sourdough chia flaxseed bread I big 1/2 gallon jar of lentil curry soup.

    Let me know when it can be picked up

    Thanks, Jacqueline Sent from my iPhone

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