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Menu for pick up starting Wednesday April 12 April 8, 2017

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IMG_2783Hello friends! What a gorgeous Saturday; I hope you are enjoying it!

I’ve posted the menu for pick up starting on Wednesday; view it here. I want to clarify a few things for you too…

  • I am shifting to more of a pre-order and grab and go model, but do still serve amazing, nourishing, delicious food during the lunch hours Tuesday-Friday. The menu will rotate as I look at the space essentially as a test kitchen; what’s served will generally be based on the pre-orders received for that week or new recipe testing. There will continue to be grab and go available, and as this new system gets established, it will be expanded.
  • While pre-ordering during the weekend order period (until Monday at noon) is the very best way to get what you want, you can make requests other times during the week and if I am able to accommodate them, I certainly will.
  • There is a general baking schedule (posted below) for our regular items like bread, muffins, focaccia, etc. that is separate from the meal pre-order schedule and is available for walk-in customers as long as it lasts. If you are pre-ordering both meals and bakery items, I can almost always accommodate the same pick up day for both, but if you are just ordering something from the bakery, pick up will likely be on the scheduled baking day.

If anything needs more explanation or clarification, please let me know.

Have a fabulous weekend! Julia


4 Responses to “Menu for pick up starting Wednesday April 12”

  1. Paul Aiello Says:

    Hi Julia , April 12 or may 12??

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  2. Bj Bachman Says:

    I bet u meant April 12?😊

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