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Pre-order Menu: convenient and (more) economical! February 19, 2017

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Hello my friends, and happy Sunday!

Do you know that you can save money by pre-ordering from us? If not, you should! You can make or take home anything we serve at the restaurant and I really want to support you in doing that at whatever level works for you. You can take home a meal kit with simple assembly and heating instructions. You can take home a main course like a hearty soup, quiche, veggie pancakes, or veggie burgers to be mixed and matched just like on our menu, or with your own delicious side dishes. You can pick up components like our sprouted beans, cashew cream cheese, millet cakes, naan, and/or our amazing sauces and incorporate them into your own cooking repertoire. You can purchase batters for things like veggie pancakes and quiche so you can create them according to your own style and preferences. And, you can provide inspiration for future offerings if you have other dishes in mind that you would love to see us making in our own unique way.

My intention is to reach more people and to be more accessible in a way that really makes sense. I want to have fun, be creative and inspired together, and create community around food. And, I really want you to enjoy the deep connection with feeding yourselves and your people that has been a vital and vibrant part of human life for…always.

We’re starting out simple. Hopefully as this part of the business grows, there can be a  more structured pre-order schedule and some regular evening and weekend hours. For now, the hours of operation are staying the same, but I would like to stress that you can ask for other pick up times, including evenings and weekends, if you aren’t able to make it in the middle of the weekday. The only way to work is together…

Take a look at the pre-order menu here. If you’d like to place an order, send me an email with what you would like to order. Allow 72-hours for me to get it ready, but I may let you know that I can get it done sooner. Here and there it may be a bit longer. We have a particular schedule for making certain items (such as kitchari on Tuesday and the baking schedule for sourdough loaves), but most options can be ordered for pick up anytime. Regardless of timing, if there is something you want, it never hurts to ask. I’ll always do my best to accommodate you and I’ll certainly let you know if I can’t.

I’m hoping that taking pre-orders and requests will provide a foundation for more of a rotating menu in the restaurant…stay tuned!

Here are some of the things planned for the menu this week (check social media for additions and changes):

  • sprouted adzuki and millet burgers
  • miso mustard sauce
  • sprouted lentil chili
  • naan
  • red lentil dosa with cauliflower, kale, and sweet potato filling
  • hibiscus cooler
  • hummus in the grab and go
  • plus the usuals – red lentil veggie pancakes with or without berbere, quiche, lemon ginger veggies, our delicious hearty salad, and so much more!

Do you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter? We update them several times a day to keep you posted on what’s happening in the kitchen.

Finally, just a few notes on logistics:

  1. We will be closed March 28-31 during BVSD Spring Break.
  2. I’m still looking for a partner – I’d love to work with someone who is aligned with my vision and values…
  3. I am looking for a company or person to clean the restaurant 1-2 times per week. Trade would be awesome, but also happy to pay $$.
  4. I may be looking for a few people who would like to work a few hours a week for trade ringing up grab and go and pre-orders. Likely 4pm-7pm on a weekday evening and/or a few hours during the weekend. More info forthcoming…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend; hope to see you this week!



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