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Julia’s Kitchen News and Updates January 28, 2017

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Hello and happy weekend!

A few scheduling and hiring and logistical things to report…

  1. I have a team of amazing people and, as such, other people and opportunities are always wanting to snatch them up. As a result, we are hiring for both a lead position starting in February, and a front of house position starting in March (sooner is possible). See the job descriptions here and you can also read about the possibility becoming a partner in my business if you would like to be a part of a mission-driven organization that wants to change the way people eat so there is more equality (yes, though we currently serve a very privileged population, we have plans to expand our service to the community and beyond), more awareness about the impact of our actions, and more compassion overall.
  2. We will be open next week, but I will be away for part of it. Since I am the only baker, we will have a modified baking schedule next week. We will have fresh bread as usual on Tuesday and Wednesday: Tuesday chia flax and buckwheat-only loaves; Wednesday sugar free caramelized onion and herb. For Thursday, we will have frozen pre-sliced chia flax bread. Friday is to be determined. If you would like to pre-order freshly baked bread for pick up between now and Wednesday, please feel free to email me at juliahellerman@gmail.com. It’s possible, even likely, that I’ll bake during this weekend or Monday…Watch our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for sweet and savory pastry offerings for next week.
  3. Since we are experiencing so many changes in our team and I have plans to be away visiting family, we will be closing during BVSD Spring Break, so please mark your calendars for a closure March 28-31.
  4. Pre-order! You’ll often get a discount and you’ll always be supporting our ability to stay in business by helping us maximize sales while avoiding waste. Pre-ordering means at least the day before for items that we make regularly; other items may require 48-72 hours. If you want an altered/adjusted recipe, you may be required to purchase in quantity, but you may not…sometimes we can make these adjustments easily and are happy to do so. Other times, it might affect the integrity of the rest of the batch and therefore require more notice or a larger purchase.
  5. Requests to reserve sourdough loaves must be made at least one day in advance. You can reserve by calling the restaurant during business hours (720-389-5578) or by emailing me at juliahellerman@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!


Slightly delayed, but we will open today January 5, 2017

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Good morning and happy snow day! We will open today, but slightly later than usual to allow my team (and me!) to get in safely. Food will be close to 11, but bread will be closer to noon. Have a fabulous day, enjoy the beautiful snow, and stay safe and warm!