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Special orders Friday~ December 28, 2016

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Hello friends! I hope you are happy and well. 

We are looking forward to seeing you again when we reopen with our regular hours on Tuesday January 3rd. 

In the meantime, I have some orders for bread, which I will be baking this Friday. If you would like me to make something for you for Friday pick up, please request what you’d like by Thursday at 10am. 

Email juliahellerman@gmail.com with all requests. 

I wish everyone a very happy 2017. As always, the new year comes with uncertainty and, as always (and I think more than ever) each of our individual actions (and each dollar spent) will make a difference collectively. Be aware, be educated, be compassionate, be empathetic, and be empowered. 

Happy new year! 


One Response to “Special orders Friday~”

  1. Hello Julia: I was happy to see you will be baking this Friday.  I was hoping if you are coming down to Pueblo on Saturday 1/31/16, I could meet you in Co springs on your way down?  Or I can drive up to Boulder on Saturday morning? I am looking for 5 loaves of your sour dough cinnamon raisin, sliced and than frozen and two loaves of your sourdough grain bread.  I was thinking millet.  Also sliced and frozen.  These are my best guesstimations. (not certain that is a word) I want to have your bread on hand when we do our wellness challenge here at the county the first full week of the New Year.  I am asking they eliminate gluten from their diets for 3 days along with all animal products and processed foods.  We are going to add green smoothies to this 3 day challenge with specific guidelines.  I am hoping some people will actually notice an improvement in their health in just 3 days and keep on keeping on to mindful eating.  What I love about your bread, actually all of your products, is they are incredibly delicious and very clean.  They will probably be eating it as toast so the freezing will keep it fresher longer.  If I could take a day off during the week, I would, but unfortunately that is not an option for me.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.  We have 100 people in the building and I am not sure how many will sign up (hoping for at least half).  I am getting the email ready to send out this week, but a lot of people are out on holiday.   I am not sure how many slices are in a loaf? I will be in touch and THANK YOU for doing what you do. Enjoy the rest of your time away from the baking.Roxanne

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