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Scheduling this week and business opportunity! June 12, 2016

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We will be open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday this week, but will be closed Wednesday while I take my son to sleepaway camp. There are no other planned closures until sometime in the second half of July, when we will likely close for a week or 2 for vacation.

On another, but actually related, note, I am seeking a business partner. While I’m so proud of what Julia’s Kitchen has become and what we offer, and I would love to be able to operate with the flexibility of, say, a cafe on a Greek island, I think collaborating with someone who shares my ideals and goals would be expansive and supportive and could help Julia’s Kitchen move more quickly toward its fullest potential. I realize that finding the right partner is no simple undertaking, but I’m hoping there is someone out there who is aligned where alignment is needed and complementary in the areas more strength and focus is needed. I’ve written some more detail here.

I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon!




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