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Spring Break Closure and Our Menus! March 17, 2016

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IMG_6227Hello my friends! We will be closed from March 22-25th for Spring Break and will be back up and running on Tuesday March 29th. If you’d like to place bread orders for Friday, please let me know by Thursday at 7pm either by emailing juliahellerman@gmail.com or talking to me at the restaurant. I will also have a pick up time on Saturday, so let me know if you need that. I’ll post on social media any grab and go and bakery items that are still available for pick up Saturday; if Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t your thing, please check in with me via email and I’ll let you know!

I’m trying to get a cooking class series together; at this point, it mostly depends on my ability to hire someone to help out in the restaurant so I have enough time for the classes; please send me good luck with that!! Optimally April 2nd will be the first class.

We are changing things up just a little bit with the restaurant menu, moving away from a paper menu and to a chalkboard menu. Don’t worry, the favorite items will be up there until they aren’t the favorites anymore, but this will help create a little more space for creativity, help us avoid wasted food and energy, and just keeps things a little more fun! I also want it to be interactive – tell me what you want and what you love; those who do so know that I always do what I can to stay aligned.

We also have a pre-order/catering menu online now, so check it out if you want to be able to stock up for the week or for weekends in the future! You can order meal kits to make at home (e.g. raw pizza kit), dishes in quantity (e.g. a dozen muffins, 1/2 gallon of soup, or a 4-pack of veggie burgers), jars of our sauces and dressings, meal starter kits (e.g. quiche batter to make at home or the mix to make a golden smoothie at home), and more! The menu is not complete, but I’ll keep working on it. In the meantime, if there is something you want that isn’t there, just ask me!

We are here to be a part of the community and to serve you delicious and healthy food in a way that makes you feel nurtured and satisfied in every way; thanks for letting us!

See you soon! Julia


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