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Next Steps…Choice! Flexibility! Empowerment! February 16, 2016

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IMG_5497Hello! I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend that you got the rest, fun, and connection you needed to be ready for your week!

I am excited to share that we are starting to expand on what we currently offer in-house and through the grab and go by offering a pre-order service! I invite and encourage you to collaborate with me while this plan is in the early stages so we can make it great! There will be pick up times available outside our normal hours, so not to worry; this is for everyone! For now, they will just be pre-arranged, but perhaps down the line it will turn into a CSA-type pick up at scheduled times. I know some of you remember Soup Night and I’m also remembering it fondly.

I want our food to be accessible to those who appreciate and want it. I also want to help people get back into their own kitchens, even if it’s just to assemble or heat the components of a meal. And, of course, for those who cook all the time, we all need a little more support sometimes either to give ourselves a break or to get us through a busy week, or even just to have something different and shake things up!

  • Pre-order just-add-veggie meal kits. Example: pre-ordered sausage pizza kit=3 crusts, jars of pesto and tomato sauce, and “sausages” for 3 pizzas $24.50 (compared to $31.50 current in-house price). Directions: spread a thin layer of pesto and a thicker layer of tomato sauce on crust, arrange sausages, top with your own veggies, and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or until desired crispness.
  • Menu items in quantity. Example: pre-ordered whole quiche; 12 slices $60 (compared to $72 cost of purchasing 12 slices of quiche as a walk-in customer). Half gallons of soup will be available by pre-order as well, and different items will be available in different quantities.
  • Mix and match. Example: pre-order a 12-0z jar of lemon ginger sauce, some millet cakes, and some sprouted and dehydrated mung beans, add your own veggies and make your own versions of lemon ginger veggies for a week! Or, pre-order some pesto and use for wraps, veggie bowls, and/or a pasta dish through the week. Or, order Golden Smoothie Mix, freeze some bananas at home, and blend your own Golden Smoothies whenever you like!
  • Order batters. Example: pre-order a quiche batter for $25 (compared to $60 for a pre-ordered full quiche) and bake a quiche with whatever crust (or not) and veggies you like any time you like! It can be divided and frozen in portions. All you have to do is add veggies, pour into a pan, and bake. I’ve had some testers and they agree it’s super easy and totally fun!
  • Make suggestion/requests for menu items you would like to see! Example: you love cabbage rolls and would like to try a veggie version; great! Your suggestion just inspired a special for this week and you get to try something new! It won’t always happen right away, but if I can make it happen (and taste delicious), I will.

Although our bakery won’t change too much at this point, it’s always helpful to pre-order if you know you want something, especially in quantity. Pre-ordering really supports the business because it allows us to maximize our sales without having too much leftover. Many businesses cook/bake too much so as never to run out, but we avoid waste fastidiously, so appreciate your willingness to plan ahead and let us know what you need when you can!

I’ll put a menu/price list together, but, again, feel free to make suggestions! This idea is going to come to fruition organically, as everything at Julia’s Kitchen does. I’d like to invite any and all of you to be a part of the process if you’d like.

Interestingly, this is coming full circle back to the original intent of Julia’s Kitchen. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

You’ll see some changes come up as this comes together and I get a realistic idea about pricing, etc. I’ll keep you posted here on the blog:)

Cooking classes are also on the agenda; if interested, please email your general availability and what you would like to learn. I hope to put a series together and this will also serve as a good foundation for my cookbook.

Enjoy what appears to be a beautiful week to come! Julia




One Response to “Next Steps…Choice! Flexibility! Empowerment!”

  1. Hello Julia, All of your changes sound exciting. I am very interested in cooking classes but am only available weekends unless it’s on a certain weekday and I might be able to take a day off. I Would even be interested in Private classes or skyped classes if I can’t make it to Boulder. I would love to learn your technique for your baking. I love that you don’t use any gums that most GF recipes use.

    Looking forward to my next journey to Boulder and indulging my tastebuds and cells with your marvelous creations.

    Roxanne❤️ Sent from my iPad


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