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HIRING! November 15, 2015

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1/6/16 update: we have hired for all of our positions for now. If you continue to be interested in working for Julia’s Kitchen, please feel free to contact me at juliahellerman@gmail.com. It’s always good to be connected when things do open up. Thanks!


I need more help at Julia’s Kitchen! I would like to hire someone who has experience working with food AND who is willing to learn by working with and assisting me, thus gaining a solid foundation of the food we serve, our ingredients, our techniques, and our philosophy. Someone who will embrace the learning that comes with all tasks and the importance of each task no matter the size or skill required, and who understands that no one is above any task. Once we have worked together and developed a relationship of mutual respect, your role will expand based on the needs of the business and your skills, talents, and interests.

Once trained, you would be supporting me on production for our bakery and the food for the restaurant and also working front of house. You would learn to work independently, but with the understanding that you are working cooperatively with me whether I am physically working next to you or am off site. All positions at Julia’s Kitchen require plenty of cleaning, storing, organizing, etc in addition to any cooking, baking, and/or front of house responsibilities.

For many reasons, a commercial kitchen is different from a home kitchen. The following are requirements for working in our kitchen:

  • Professionalism in the back of the house and front of the house – must understand and adhere to food safety procedures applicable to our kitchen, as well as honor and uphold our friendly and attentive customer service standards. Generally must behave professionally, hold appropriate boundaries, and be present with your work any time you are in the restaurant.
  • Ability and willingness to be very clean, organized, and consistent – must maintain a high standard of cleanliness and organization. With multiple people working in one space, each person must be on top of cleaning and following our set procedures rather than leaving things for later or for someone else. Things must be kept in their proper places and people must work in flow with each other to share the space.
  • Precision – must be willing to follow recipes, measure properly and precisely (consistent with the way I measure) and understand that a harmonious and creative space is only possible when there is a strong, consistent foundation.
  • Communication – must be willing to communicate and receive communication in an open and positive way.
  • Mindfulness – this is a job that requires a present mind and body all the time. We work in close quarters and must communicate with each other clearly and often, we need to be aware of what we are doing at all times. Also, I am a huge stickler for avoiding waste, so you have to be willing to spend a few minutes with a well-sized rubber scraper when completing tasks, and you might get your arm dirty:)
  • Food aesthetics and quality – while we are a casual restaurant, our food should be presented in such a way that the inherent balance and beauty is enhanced; also the quality should always be consistent with our standards. An eye for this balance and beauty is key.
  • Commitment – this is intended to be a growth position, so the hope is to develop a long term relationship. If you know you are available for only 6 months or less, or you know your time in Boulder or in a position is limited, please state this as a different structure would need to be considered.
  • Zen…you should be a person for whom cooking is calming and grounding. It should be an act of love.
  • Efficiency – good time management skills and the ability to work quickly and with focus are critical as well.
  • Integrity – you must have it. I recently heard integrity defined as doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

The hours will depend on the person hired. There will be some flexibility once training is well under way, but some hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are highly likely, plus 1-2 more shifts between Thursday and Sunday. The more information you can provide about your schedule, as well as any vacations, trips, or other time off needed, the better able I will be to assess whether you are a good fit at this time. The pay will depend on availability and experience.

If you are interested, please tell me as much about yourself, your experience, your availability, and your hourly rate requirements as is relevant. I find that working interviews are the best way for both sides to get a sense of each other, so we would probably have a brief conversation in person or over the phone, then set up a working interview in the kitchen. I can be reached at juliahellerman@gmail.com.


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