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Monday dinners! And menu changes… September 17, 2015

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Good morning, friends!

I hope you are enjoying these first crisp mornings of Fall. This is my favorite part of year; I love the feel of the air, the light, the changing of the leaves, and the most abundant time in the Colorado growing season!

A few transitions at Julia’s Kitchen, all good, that I’d like you to know about…

  1. We will be opening for dinner on Monday nights starting this Monday! Yes, just Mondays, from 4pm-8pm. We hope you will add this to your routine and that it will help you start your week off with a bit more support, grounding, and nourishment. The best way for me to keep balance and harmony in my life and my family life while upholding the integrity of the food and all that we do is to otherwise keep the hours to school-time hours. So, aside from Monday dinners, we are going to keep the hours for the rest of the week to Tuesday-Friday 11am-3pm. As always, feel free to stop in for grab and go or bakery items while are are setting up for the day or cleaning up; we are happy to serve you however we reasonably can! Stay tuned here, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for possible pop up brunches on the weekends or maybe a dinner here and there on another night!
  2. We are going start rotating our menu, so we’ll have a core menu of items available everyday plus specials each day. It should be fun to have the opportunity to try new things, while also having access to the comfort of red lentil coconut curry, the lemon ginger veggie steam, veggie burgers, veggie pancakes, and our delicious hearty salad. I’ll do my best to post specials the night before and each morning; I hope you’ll enjoy the opportunity to try some new things! We will also have additional mainstays in the grab and go and we are working really hard to keep it stocked! Please be patient with us while we update our menus and menu board to keep things clear for you!
  3. All is great at Julia’s Kitchen! These changes are good changes for me and for the health of the business. I love being present during all (or close to all) of the hours we are open. I love doing the baking and the majority of the cooking rather than the administrative and managerial work that is required with a bigger staff and at which I do not excel:) I love that there are many hours where the space is at peace. I feel a much greater sense and balance and fulfillment with these changes. Thanks for continuing to come and support us and, as always, feel free to make requests, offer constructive feedback, and stop in to hang out with me, Trevor, and Sophia! It’s always a work in progress…

Have a wonderful day!


Balance and sanity… September 12, 2015

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Hello friends!

It’s with some sadness that I announce that Julia’s Kitchen will not be at the market tomorrow and that we have given up our space going forward. This was a hard decision. I LOVE the farmers’ market and am filled with gratitude for the experience of being there for so many years (I think this was our 8th year!). I launched Adaba Foods there, then continued to have the opportunity to refine and grow in an incredibly supported way. It paved the way for Julia’s kitchen, which is a dream come true for me. I met many of you through the market and You have enriched my life. Thank you.

You’ll hear more from me soon about a small expansion in the hours of the restaurant. You can feel free to get in touch with me too!

I hope you’ll enjoy the market-it looks like a beautiful early Fall weekend!

With gratitude, Julia